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Top 5 attractions you must visit in Purulia

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About Purulia

Purulia district is one of the twenty-three districts of West Bengal state in Eastern India. There are so many tourist places in and around the district.

Attraction Categories
Attractions in Purulia
Bamni FallsBaghmundi - Ajodhya, Ajodhya Hills Rd, Barria, West Bengal 723152, India
Outdoors- Other
1 Day Treks
Rock Climbing Spots

This beautiful waterfall is located in the Purulia district of West Bengal. It is located in a dense forest and surrounded by huge rocks. The view of the waterfall is truly mesmerizing and the crystal clear water is so cool. Trekking area, rock climbing, etc are the possibilities around this waterfall.

Deulghata - Ancient Temple of Sen & Pal EmpiresBaram, West Bengal 723201, India
Hindu Temples
Man-made Structures- Other
Old Ruins

Deulghat has the ruins of 15 temples near the Kansai River. The stucco decoration is the notable architecture made on the temple. The entrances of those temples are entangled with the branches of trees. However, these temples are the representations of the age, . The excellent skills are evident in the wreckage of the temples and idols reflect strong evidence of SEN & PAL empires.

Joychandi Paharopposite S.E.Rly. Joychandipahar Rly Station, Raghunathpur, West Bengal 723133, India
1 Day Treks
Rock Climbing Spots
Mountain Peaks

Joychandi Pahar is a hill which is a popular tourist attraction in Purulia district. A beautiful viewpoint , trekking area, rock climbing and so more.

Murguma DamMurguma Dam, West Bengal

A huge dam located in the heart of Purulia district. The dam is on the tributary of the Kangsabati River. Murguma is a very beautiful place for weekend.The natural beauty of Ajodhya hill is visible from this point.

TelkupiTelkupi, West Bengal, India
Outdoors- Other
Man-made Structures- Other
Old Ruins

Telkupi is a submerged location of archaeological interest in the Purulia district of West Bengal, India. The area, along with most of the temples situated there, was submerged in 1959 as a consequence to the construction of a dam across the Damodar river at Panchet in Dhanbad district, then in Bihar.

Map of attractions in Purulia