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Top 7 attractions to explore in Malda

Malda is a district in the West Bengal state. Malda is a metropolitan city and the sixth-largest city in West Bengal.

Attractions in Malda

Chamkati MasjidGour Road, Gour, Malda, West Bengal 732216, India

Sultan Yusuf Shah built the Mosque in 1475 which bears a Hindu temple architecture. The name has a very unique origin. It is called the Chika Mosque because it sheltered a number of Chikas i.e. bats. There is still partly visible the Beautiful Arabic carvings.

Chika Masjid, GourGour Road, Gour, Chandangar, West Bengal 732216, India

Chika Mosque was built under the patronage of Sultan Yusuf Shah in 1475. The mosque was named Chika because it was a guarded refuge of bats, locally called Chikas. The mosque features a single-domed edifice, which has almost been turned into ruins.

Dakhil Darwaza or Salami Darwaza, GourGour, Malda, West Bengal 732216, India

Dakhil Darwaza literally an entrance gate is the largest structure of its kind in the architectural history of Sultanate Bengal. it was the main entrance to the fortress of lakhnauti. The gateway was the most  Architecturally solid and most elegant entrance portal ever erected in Bengal.

Eklakhi MausoleumAdina, West Bengal 732128, India

This is a mausoleum located at Pandua in Malda district which was built around 1425 which houses 3 tombs. The structure represents a village hut with a sloping roof and serves as a prototype for the various other buildings constructed during the Bengal Sultanate.

Firoz MinarGour Road, Gour, Kanakpur, West Bengal 732216, India

This five-storey tower is also called as Malda's Qutab Minar built by Sultan Saifuddin Feroze Shah built in the Tughlaqi style of architecture and is also known as the Pir-Asha-Minar or the Chiragdani. one can climb to the top of the tower and can see the stunning views of the minar and surrounding.

Kadam Rasul Masjid, GourGour Road, Gour, Chandangar, West Bengal 732216, India

Kadam Rasool Masjid derives its name from the stone tablet, which bears the footprints of Prophet Muhammad, kept in the mosque. The masjid was built in 1530 by Sultan Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah.

Tantipara MasjidGour Road, Gour, Malda, West Bengal 732216, India

Tantipara means the quarter for the weaver class. This Ancient mosque was probably built by Mirshad Khan in 1480 AD. Its ornamentation is rich and effective, and the large decorated panels stand out in high relief against the plain walls. A lot of people visits this Ancient architectural wonder everyday.

Map of attractions in Malda