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16 destinations to explore in Punjab

A state in northern India. Mainly agricultural state. it is one of the smaller albeit prosperous states of the nation, and home to a lively, hospitable and dynamic people.

Amritsar7 attractions

One of the 22 districts of Punjab state and also it is the second most populous district. There are so many gurdwaras and other tourist places here.

Barnala1 attractions

Barnala was a newly formed district of Punjab. It is a centrally located district of Punjab.

Bathinda2 attractions

Bathinda district is in the Malwa region of Punjab, India and it is the third-largest district in Punjab. Bathinda is cotton producing belt of Punjab.

Faridkot1 attractions

Faridkot is one of the 22 districts in punjab which is part of the Ferozpur division. A Royal and historic district of Punjab.

Fatehgarh Sahib4 attractions

The historic and pious District of Fatehgarh Sahib came into existence with effect from 13th April, 1992. it is the second least populous district in Punjab

Ferozepur6 attractions

Ferozepur is an ancient city and district which lies close to the Indo Pakistan border. It has a lot of history to say about the freedom struggle and more.

Hoshiarpur1 attractions

One of the oldest districts of Punjab and it is sub mountainous and stretches of river Beas in the north-west.

Jalandhar13 attractions

it is one of the 22 districts in the Punjab state which has the highest population. Jalandhar is a district full of greenery and there are so many attractions to see.

Kapurthala4 attractions

One of the smallest districts of Punjab in terms of both area and population. There are so many tourist places and the fields are mindblowing.

Pathankot1 attractions

A district that is recently created and it is located in the north zone of the state. Pathankot has a good role in the history of the state.

Patiala6 attractions

Patiala district is one of the twenty-two districts in the state of Punjab in north-west India. This district contains many small hill ranges that are part of the Shivalik Hills.

Rupnagar5 attractions

One of the 22 districts of Punjab. The land of historic gurdwaras and there are so many beautiful places to see.

A district that lies close to the union territory of Chandigarh. Mainly an agricultural district and has some attractions to see.

Map of destinations in Punjab