9 Caves in Italy that you should visit - With photos & details

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9 Caves to explore in Italy

Located in Southern Europe consisting of a peninsula delimited by the Alps and surrounded by several islands.

Blue GrottoBlue Grotto, 80071 Anacapri, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

The Blue Grotto is a karst cavity that opens on the north-western side of the island of Capri. Administratively it belongs to the municipality of Anacapri, in the metropolitan city of Naples.  Prestigious nymphaeum of the Roman age, after a long decline the cave became known starting from 1826 when it was visited by the German artist August Kopisch.

Grotta del CervoVia del Popolo, 38, 67061 Carsoli AQ, Italy

The Grotta dei Cervi is a natural coastal cave , located along the Salento coast in Porto Badisco in the Municipality of Otranto. It was discovered on February 1, 1970 by five members of the "Pasquale de Lorentiis Salentino Speleological Group" of Maglie (Isidoro Mattioli, Severino Albertini, Remo Mazzotta, Enzo Evangelisti and Daniele Rizzo, to which Nunzio Pacella and Giuseppe Salamina were also added [ 1] ) and is the most impressive Neolithic painting complex in Europe. At first it was given

Grotta del LeoneIsola Dino, 87028, Praia a Mare CS, Italy

The Grotte del Leone is a karst cave located on the Pisan Mountains, in the locality of Agnano, municipality of San Giuliano Terme in the province of Pisa.  The cave, which owes its name to a stalagmite formation whose shape resembles that of a lion, is made up of a large collapse hall that descends towards the east where there is a small lake, probably connected to that of the nearby Buca dei ladri . It  has been the subject of human visits from the Upper Paleolithic since historical times.

Grotta di Marina di MarateaStrada Statale18, km 236.800, 85046 Maratea PZ, Italy

The cave of Marina di Maratea is a small cave located in the municipality of Maratea, in the province of Potenza, in the locality of San Giuseppe near the hamlet of the same name.  The cave was set along a fault in the rock in the limestones of the carbonate series of the Giagola and Gada mountains of the Lower Cretaceous.

Grotta Zinzulusa73030 Castro, Province of Lecce, Italy

The Zinzulusa is a natural coastal cave located along the Salento coast between Castro and Santa Cesarea Terme, one of the best known anchialine caves in southern Italy.  The name of the cave derives from the dialect word " zinzuli ", rags, and is due to the karst formations, in particular stalactites , which hang from the ceiling as if they were hanging rags. The formation of the cave, which occurred due to marine erosion, dates back to the Pliocene period.

Grotte di CastellanaPiazza Franco Anelli, 70013 Castellana Grotte BA, Italy

The caves of Castellana are a complex of underground caves of karst origin of speleological and tourist interest, located in the Italian municipality of Castellana Grotte, in Puglia.  Attached to the complex there is a speleological museum. The entrance is represented by an enormous vertical tunnel 60 meters long. The main cave is named "La Grave",  and others are named Black Cavern, White Cave, and Precipice Cavern.

Pertosa-Auletta GrotteLocalità Muraglione, 18/20, 84030 Pertosa SA, Italy

The Pertosa-Auletta caves are a complex of karst cavities of tourist importance, located in the municipality of Pertosa. The karst complex develops in the subsoil of the nearby municipalities of Auletta and Polla, at 263  m asl , along the left bank of the Tanagro river.  The caves of Pertosa-Auletta have a flow of over 50,000 visitors a year in constant growth. Open to tourists since 1932, the first section can be visited with a particular boat pulled by a steel cable, which serves to reach the

Romito CaveVia Grotta del Romito 87020 Frazione, 87020 Bivio Avena O Vuccale CS, Italy

The Romito cave is a site dating back to the upper Paleolithic containing one of the oldest evidence of prehistoric art in Italy, and one of the most important in Europe, located in Nuppolara in the municipality of Papasidero, in Calabria, province of Cosenza.  Outside there are some rock engravings, among which the most important is a graffiti on a large boulder depicting a majestic bovid, and burials, dating back to about 11,000 years ago.

Stiffe CavesVia Del Mulino Stiffe, 2, 67028 Stiffe AQ, Italy

The Stiffe caves are a complex of karst caves located near Stiffe, in the territory of the municipality of San Demetrio ne 'Vestini ( AQ ), in Abruzzo, included within the Sirente-Velino regional natural park. Testimony of an active resurgence unique in Italy made accessible to the public since 1991, today they constitute one of the main naturalistic sites in the L'Aquila area, registering over 40,000 presences annually.