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Saharsa is one of the thirty-eight districts of Bihar, India. Saharsa city is the administrative headquarters of this district. Saharsa district is a part of the Kosi Division and it became a district on 1 April 1954 and has subsequently become smaller with other districts being carved from it, most notably Madhepura in 1981. Saharsa is located in the Mithila region, one of the earliest centers of Brahmanical civilization in India.

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Hindu Temples to Explore in Saharsa

Ugratara sthan

Shri Ugratara Mandir, Mahishi, Saharsa is situated at a distance of about 17 Kms west of Saharsa station in Mahishi village. In this ancient temple, the idol of Bhagwati Tara is said to be very old and draws devotees from far and wide. On either side of the main deity, there are two smaller female deities which are worshipped by the people as Ekjata and Nil Saraswati.

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