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The district of Madhubani was carved out of the old Darbhanga district in the year 1972 as a result of the reorganisation of the districts in the State. This was formerly the northern subdivision of the Darbhanga district. It consists of 21 Development Blocks. Bounded on the north by a hill region of Nepal and extending to the border of its parent district Darbhanga in the south, Sitamarhi in the west and Supaul in the east, Madhubani fairly represents the center of the territory once known as M

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Sabha Gachhi Saurath

Sabha Gachhi Saurath

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It is famous for being the place where thousands of Maithil Brahaman converged to fix marriage during the marriage season. The people gathered at Saurath Sabha Gachchhi (Sabha means congregation and Gachchhi mean orchard in Maithili). This gathering is an annual event held in the Hindu calendar months of Jyestha-Aasadh. This was an important social congregation where the marriages of Maithil boys and girls are fixed up according to the reading of horoscope by the Panjikars ( Registrars ).

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