40 Islands in Ireland that you should visit - With photos & details

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40 Islands to explore in Ireland

A country in the north-western Europe. Ireland, or Republic of Ireland shares its only border with Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. It is surrounded by the ocean in all it's other sides. About 40% of the countries 5 million population lives in the greater city area of Dublin.

AchillbegAchillbeg, Achillbeg Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Achillbeg is a small island in County Mayo, Ireland, just off the southern tip of Achill Island. Achillbeg is situated south of Cloghmore, northeast of Calliagherom Rock.  The main settlement was in the centre of the island, bounded by two hills to the north and south. There are a small number of holiday homes on the island, but they are usually empty for most of the year.

ArdoileánArdoileán, High Island, Co. Galway, Ireland

Ardoileán, is a small island off the northwest coast of Connemara in County Galway, Ireland. It was once the site of an early Irish monastic community.  It is one of thirty-odd islands off the west coast of Ireland, between Inishtrahull and Clear Island, which were settled by hermits and monastic communities in the early Christian period.

AughinishAughinish, Co. Clare, Ireland

Aughinish is a small island and townland located in Oughtmama Parish of the Barony of Burren in north County Clare, in Ireland on the south shore of Galway Bay. The island was originally connected to County Clare, but in 1755 that connection was lost due to the tsunami effect of the massive Portuguese earthquake.

Bannow IslandBannow Island, Co. Wexford, Ireland

Bannow Island is an island in County Wexford. Bannow Island is situated northwest of Clammers Point, north of Selskar Rock. It is a beautiful beach that is heavily affected by the tide. There are rock pools to be enjoyed at the right side of the beach as you walk onto it, loads of little creatures to be found.  It is well worth a visit if you’re looking for somewhere to go for a few hours.

Caher IslandCaher Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Caher Island, an uninhabited island off the coast of County Mayo in Ireland, is situated between the larger Clare Island and Inishturk.  An ancient centre for pilgrimage, it is still visited for this reason today. On 15 August each year, the Feast of the Assumption, there is a pilgrimage to the island.The island has an Early Christian monastery with the remains of a chapel in an enclosure and several carved slabs. The island appears to hold the remains of hermitages of seventh century monks.

Castle Island, Lough KeyCastle Island, Lough Key, Rockingham Demesne, Co. Roscommon, Ireland

Lost in the middle of the lake of Lough Key is a small island and its castle: Castle Island. Beautiful, it once belonged to the most influential family in the Roscommon area and is one of the jewels of the lake. The only condition to admire it: take the boat. The island is sometimes referred to as Mac Dermots Island to this day. We first hear of a castle Island when the Annals of Loch Cé report that it was burned down in 1187 by lightning.

Collanmore IslandCollanmore Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Collanmore is a private and unique island in Clew Bay, only 12 minutes from Westport. It is overlooked by the majestic Croagh Patrick and is located in an area of outstanding beauty. From Collanmore there are views of Croagh Patrick and the bay. It is accessed by boat from Rosmoney pier, a few kilometres from Westport, County Mayo.

Coney Island,Coney Island, County Sligo, Coney Island, Co. Sligo, Ireland

Coney Island is the largest and the most famous of the three islands off the northern coast of the Coolera peninsula. It is an island of approximately 400 acres and is named after the vast quantity of rabbits which can be spotted on the island at any time. The island which is 1½ miles long by ¾ mile across is accessible by boat from the pier at Rosses Point, but the most popular route is by way of Cummeen Strand when the tide is out.

Dernish IslandDernish Island, Co. Sligo, Ireland

The beautiful island of Dernish is located at Carns, off the coast of Moneygold, close to the old church at Ahamlish, in Carbury, the ancient kingdom of North Sligo. It is a tidal island, cut off from the mainland except at times of spring tides, when it is possible to walk out across the beach from O'Connor's Island.

Dursey IslandDursey Island, Co. Cork, Ireland

Dursey Island is situated on the western tip of the Beara Peninsula in West Cork and separated from the mainland by the Dursey Sound, a narrow stretch of water. The island is separated from the mainland by a narrow stretch of water, Dursey Sound, which has a very strong tidal race, with the submerged Flag Rock close to the centre of the channel. The island has just six or so permanent residents, and is connected to the mainland by Ireland's only cable car.

Fota IslandFota Island, Foaty, Co. Cork, Ireland

Fota is an island in Cork Harbour, Ireland, just north of the larger island of Great Island. Fota Island is host to Ireland's only wildlife park – as well as the historical Fota House and gardens and golf course owned by the "Fota Island Golf Club and Resort". The island comprises two townlands both called Foaty: one each in the civil parishes of Clonmel (the western half of Great Island) and Carrigtohill.

GorumnaMaumeen, Gorumna, Co. Galway, Ireland

Gorumna is an island on the west coast of Ireland, forming part of County Galway  The Island is linked with the mainland through the Béal an Daingin Bridge. Gorumna properly consists of three individual islands in close proximity, Lettermullen, Teeranea and Lettermore. It is mostly underlain by intrusive Devonian-aged Galway Granite that formed from crustal melting as a result of the Caledonian Orogeny in the late Silurian.

Great SalteeGreat Saltee, Saltee Island Great, Co. Wexford, Ireland

The Great Saltee Island is an island that belongs to the Saltee Islands archipelago. Located 5 kilometres off the south coast of County Wexford. It is the largest island in the archipelago, and is considered a true wonder of the region. The islands are a breeding ground for fulmar, gannet, shag, kittiwake, guillemot, razorbill, puffin and grey seal. An area surrounding the island was granted the status of a Special Protection Area to protect the bird habitat.

HaulbowlineHaulbowline, Co. Cork, Ireland

Haulbowline Island was the location of Ireland's only steelworks which operated on the Island between 1939 and 2001. Waste from the steel production process was deposited on the Spit Bank, a shallow sand spit extending eastwards from the Naval Dockyard, from the early 1960's. The western side of the island is the main naval base and headquarters for the Irish Naval Service, with the eastern side previously used for heavy industry and later redeveloped as a park.

Heir IslandHeir Island, Co. Cork, Ireland

Heir Island is a great place to live, work and visit. One of the seven inhabited West Cork islands off the south coast of Ireland.  Offering the visitor stunning views, walks, sandy beaches, a profusion of wildflowers and bird life, the island also hosts many events such as theatre, music, cookery courses, sailing, kayaking, yoga and more.

InchagoillInchagoill, Co. Galway, Ireland

Inchagoill Island, located midway between Cong and Oughterard, is one of the largest of many wooded islets along Lough Corrib. It  has spectacular views of the Maumturk range, Joyce Country and the mountains of Connemara. There also stands the ruins of two ancient churches, both of the small Irish type but of far different styles and dates.

InchcleraunInchcleraun, Co. Longford, Ireland

A beautiful island situated in Lough Ree on the River Shannon, in central Ireland. The island is home to the ruins of St. Diarmaid’s Monastery, a monastery founded by Diarmaid the Just in AD 560. These buildings constitute a National Monument. Between 800 and 1300 the island and its churches were repeatedly plundered and burned by invaders, so the buildings are in ruins today. Six of the island's churches are surrounded by an enclosure in the southeast corner of the island.

InchmoreInchmore, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

Inchmore is an island and townland located in Lough Ree in County Westmeath, Ireland. It is in the civil parish of Bunown. The island, which consists of 132 acres, is the largest in Lough Ree. A ring fort is located at the south end. The island is now uninhabited, however a ruined monastery attributed to St. Lioban (or Liberius), the son of Lossenus shows evidence of previous habitation.

InchydoneyInchydoney, Inchydoney Island, Co. Cork, Ireland

Inchydoney is a small island off West Cork, Ireland, connected to the mainland by two causeways. The nearest town is Clonakilty. It has a Blue Flag beach. It is a popular tourist destination. There are two beaches, one either side of the Virgin Mary headland. In Summer there is a lifeguard station on the headland for three months.