2 Aquariums to Explore in Ireland

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A country in the north-western Europe. Ireland, or Republic of Ireland shares its only border with Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. It is surrounded by the ocean in all it's other sides. About 40% of the countries 5 million population lives in the greater city area of Dublin.

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Aquariums to Explore in Ireland

Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium

Oceanworld Aquarium is located in Dingle, County Kerry and is Ireland’s largest aquarium.It hosts a collection of magnificent Sand Tiger Sharks, Gentoo Penguins, Asian Short-Clawed Otters and includes an abundance of different fish species. Submerge yourself in this fascinating underwater world and see sharks, exotic fish, cute penguins and adorable otters.

Exploris Aquarium

Exploris is a public aquarium situated in Portaferry, Northern Ireland. The facility is located on the shores of the Marine Nature reserve of Strangford Lough, which is an important winter migration destination for many wading and sea birds. The lough is home to almost 75% of the marine species found in Northern Ireland, including common seals, basking sharks and brent geese. The aquarium is also a rescue centre for sick.

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