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Churachandpur district which was previously known as Manipur South District came into existence in the year 1969 along with the district reorganization of Manipur. Manipur was till then a single district Union Territory having only 10 Sub-Divisions. By an order of Manipur Government No. 20/39/69-D dated 12th November 1969, Manipur was divided into 5 districts having 25 Sub-Divisions. Under the said notification, the Churachandpur Sub-Division along with 15 hill villages of Jiribam Sub-Division w

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Forests to Explore in Churachandpur

Ngaloi Waterfall

Ngaloi Falls is endorsed as one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Churachandpur. The sublime view of gushing water cascading from a distant height with the imposing mountains and valleys making a perfect backdrop is something that astounds everyone. A lot of tourists, both youngsters and families, can be seen relishing the beauty of this place. Along with the view, the sound of the water gushing down the rocks is something blows away your mind.

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