Attractions to explore nearby L'Abbaye-aux-Hommes - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby L'Abbaye-aux-Hommes

L'Abbaye-aux-HommesEsplanade Jean-Marie Louvel, 14000 Caen, France

A  large Benedictine monastery founded around 1060 by William the Conqueror and his wife.  It is a gem of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. It also houses William the Conqueror’s tomb. Today the buildings have become the seat of the town hall. Together with the recently rehabilitated Place Saint-Sauveur, the Abbaye-aux-Hommes forms a unique heritage complex.

Caen Castle0.91 KMs away from L'Abbaye-aux-Hommes

Caen Castle is one of the largest medieval enclosures in Europe. It was built of Caen stone around 1060. It stood first and foremost as a place of power, where the Dukes of Normandy and Kings of England regularly held their major assemblies. It is now home to the Musée de Normandie and the Musée des Beaux-Arts.  Its terrace and ramparts command fine views over the town and there is also a public park surrounding this castle.

Mémorial de Caen1.90 KMs away from L'Abbaye-aux-Hommes

The Caen Memorial is a museum and war memorial located in Caen on the history of the xx th century whose thematic whole while facing the fragility of the peace, but it is primarily a history museum. In 2007, it was the most visited French museum outside Île-de-France with 400,000 visitors. The Caen Memorial has received the " Musée de France " label and is part of the International Network of Museums for Peace. Since 2006, the Caen Memorial has been constantly changing, each year its permanent r