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Mont Choungui - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Mont Choungui, Mayotte

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About Mont Choungui

Mont Choungui is a distinctively conical volcanic mountain in the southern part of the French island of Mayotte. it is the second-highest point on the island. This wonderful extinct volcano has become the perfect place to see the most incredible 360-degree views of Mayotte and the ocean. the site is abundant with a variety of bird species, some of them very rare. It is one of the nice trekking destinations in this area and you can spend some beautiful time in the centre of greenery.

Attractions Near Mont Choungui

Baie de Bouéni
Baie de Bouéni5km from Mont Choungui

The Bay Bouéni is a bay of the Indian Ocean formed by the coast southwest of the island 's main Mayotte or Grande Terre. In the middle of the bay is an islet called Chissiwa Karoni. To the east of the bay, the coastline is formed by mangroves , to the south the coast is sandy. Bouéni bay is bordered by two large municipalities, to the southeast Chirongui and to the east Bouéni. A tourist-friendly spot which was naturally beautiful and also worth visit.

Chissioua Bambo
Chissioua Bambo7.67km from Mont Choungui

Chissioua Bambo is an islet in Mayotte. It is the second island in the east of Mayotte the most frequented by tourists, after the Bandrélé islet. The vegetation of the two islands is considered degraded, but the islet nevertheless harbors several rare animal species and constitutes an important resting site for seabirds. This island is part of the Mayotte Marine Natural Park and is protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral.

Îlot de Sable Blanc
Îlot de Sable Blanc9.48km from Mont Choungui

The islet of Sable Blanc is a sandbank located in the extreme south-east of Mayotte , about 1.7 km from the Saziley Marine Park, in the Indian Ocean. Very popular with tourists, this islet is a privileged destination for excursions by nautical operators in Mayotte.

Réserve naturelle nationale de l'îlot Mbouzi

The Mbouzi islet national nature reserve is a national nature reserve located in Mayotte. Classified in 2007, it occupies an area of 142,355 hectares and protects the Mbouzi islet. One of the greenish spaces in Mayotte that has a large collection of flora and fauna. It is one of the rare nature reserves to have both a land part and a marine part. Trekking is also possible here and also this place offers you a good time.

Plage de Moya
Plage de Moya26.31km from Mont Choungui

The beach Moya is a beach on the east coast of the island of Mayotte, department of ' overseas French in the southwest of the Indian Ocean. It is located in the municipal territory of Pamandzi. It is the easternmost point of Mayotte. One of the nice location where you can spend some free time. The white sands and the tree shades make this beach more beautiful.

Dziani Dzaha
Dziani Dzaha26.67km from Mont Choungui

This crater lake is located in the Comoros Archipelago, a small volcanic hotspot chain in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique. This amazing lake derives from a volcanic crater. The lake itself is truly stunning to look at and especially on a sunny day when the green colors turn an emerald color and shine radiantly in the heat. It is also one of the nice trekking destinations in this area. You can spend a beautiful time here.

Where is Mont Choungui

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Mayotte, overseas département of France comprising the two southeasternmost islands of the Comoros archipelago.