Forêt de Mormal in Hauts-de-France, France - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Forêt de Mormal

Forêt de Mormal, France

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About Forêt de Mormal

The Mormal forest is the largest forest in the Nord department. It is the only one sheltering a population of deer, having for origin, like wild boars and roe deer, a reintroduction, because the large mammals had completely disappeared there, following intensive hunting after the French Revolution. This is massive for the North of France an essential part of Natura 2000, the Pan-European Ecological Network, and the green belt region.

Attractions near Forêt de Mormal

Regional Natural Park of Avesnois7.29km from Forêt de Mormal

The Avesnois Regional Natural Park is a regional natural park created in March 1998, which extends over nearly 125,000  hectares in the south of the Nord department. It is one of the richest areas in biodiversity in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, playing an important role of “reservoir” for the regional green network. The many meadows and the rich calcareous lawns also contribute to its biodiversity. One of the nice locations for a trek and also a good place for a nature walk.

Bavay ancient Forum (Nord)14.17km from Forêt de Mormal

The Bavay Ancient Forum is an archaeological museum located in Bavay in the Nord department, France.  The site Bagacum Nerviorum gradually discovered during archaeological excavations in the xix th and xx th centuries. The current museum was opened in 1976  and has a good number of collections from other places, from other regions. Some of these collections have gone to enrich the funds of other organizations. A must-see place in this area which shows light to history.

Matisse Museum14.33km from Forêt de Mormal

A huge museum which displays the paintings by Henri Matisse was located at Le Cateau-Cambrésis, France. It  was established by Matisse himself on 8 November 1952. After the death of Matisse, the collection of the museum was enlarged by the gift of 65 paintings by Auguste Herbin. It displays more than 170 Matisse works, as well as 65 paintings by Auguste Herbin. Now, this museum has the third-largest collection of Matisse works in France.

Zoo Maubeuge21.76km from Forêt de Mormal

The Maubeuge zoo is a zoological park located in Maubeuge, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. Today, the zoo is known for its particular setting, in the very heart of the ramparts of Vauban, and the hundreds of animals present there: giraffes, hippos, white tigers, etc. Today it covers an area of ​​7 hectares on which are distributed 350 animals of 56 species.

Lac du Val-Joly31.83km from Forêt de Mormal

"  ValJoly  " is - in the north of France - both the name of an artificial lake of 180 hectares built shortly before 1970 and that of the nautical base and the leisure center which were built there. It was created with a dam to help regulate the flow of the Helpe Majeure, and also as a hydropower source. This place also has a collection of Flora and fauna. One of the nice locations in this area and also you can spend a nice time there.

Parc Naturel Régional Scarpe-Escaut32.47km from Forêt de Mormal

The Scarpe-Escaut Regional Natural Park, created in 1968, is the very first of the Regional Natural Parks in France, and one of the four parks of the Hauts-de-France region, sheltering important elements of the industrial and mining heritage of the region, including a few slag heaps that are now protected and developed for biodiversity and various recreational activities. It is the smallest but also the most densely inhabited and urbanized of the 51 areas labeled Regional Natural Parks by the Mi

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