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Dennlys Parc - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

11 Rue du Moulin, 62560 Dennebrœucq, France

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About Dennlys Parc

A beautiful amusement park which was located in the municipality of Dennebroeucq. It has so far 30 attractions including 3 "roller coaster" rides and 3 water attractions. it is a must-see destination in the Hauts de France. The ideal park for the whole family.

Attractions Near Dennlys Parc

La Coupole Centre D'histoire
La Coupole Centre D'histoire12.07km from Dennlys Parc

The cupola of Helfaut-Wizernes, or cupola of Helfaut , is a bunker from the Second World War, today a center of history and memory, located in the town of Helfaut , near Saint-Omer. it was built by Nazi Germany between 1943 and 1944 to serve as a launch base for V2 rockets to London and the South of England.

Hotel Sandelin Museum
Hotel Sandelin Museum16.87km from Dennlys Parc

The museum of the Sandelin hotel is a museum in the city of Saint-Omer. It is both a museum of fine arts and a museum of the history of the city. It is installed since 1904 in a beautiful mansion of the xviii th century. Part of it was classified as a historical monument in 1955 and another part inscribed in 1957. It has a lot of collections and also it gives information about the history of the city and so more.

Ruins of St. Bertin Abbey
Ruins of St. Bertin Abbey17.24km from Dennlys Parc

These are the ruins of the abbey of Saint Bertin which collapsed due to a bombardment in 1943. It was a Benedictine abbey, but today in ruins and open to the public. It was dedicated to its second abbot, Saint Bertin. It has a lot of history to say and it will be a worth visit.

Marais Audomarois
Marais Audomarois20.44km from Dennlys Parc

The Audomarois marshes extend over 15 municipalities in Pas-de-Calais and Nord and cover an area of ​​37 km 2, which makes it the largest wetland in the region. it was made up of approximately 13,000 plots belonging to approximately 5,000 owners. At the time, it housed 1,050 ha of wet meadows, 436 ha of market garden land, and 171 ha of reed beds. The gardens are characterized by a system of wateringues crucial for the prevention and management of floods. The reserve is also a highly valued

Blockhaus d'Éperlecques
Blockhaus d'Éperlecques25.01km from Dennlys Parc

A huge bunker which was built during the time of the second world war by the Nazi army. The bunker was never completed as a result of the repeated bombing by the British and United States air forces. It is now part of a museum, near Saint-Omer in the northern Pas-de-Calais département of France. Today, the bunker is preserved as part of a privately owned museum that presents the history of the site and the German V-weapons program. It has been protected as a historical monument.

Arboretum d'Olhain
Arboretum d'Olhain33.64km from Dennlys Parc

The Arboretum of Olhain is an arboretum of 2 hectares of extension, which is located between Maisnil-les-Ruitz and Fresnicourt-le-Dolmen, France. It is a departmental park of nature and recreation of Olhain, a natural space focused on leisure and tourism, is located in the territory of Maisnil-les-Ruitz. Currently, this park represents 450 hectares of forest and its many recreational sports facilities and so more.

Where is Dennlys Parc

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Hauts de France is the northernmost region of France. It is a popular tourist destination for visitors traveling to see the battlefields and memorials associated with the First and Second World Wars. The region also features many cultural and architectural treasures, majestic belfries that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, castles,Gothic cathedralsa and beautiful landscapes.