Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan

Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan, Paithan, Maharashtra 431107, India

Hindu Temples

About Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan

It is named after the saint Jnaneshwar, whose native village was near Paithan.  Colorful flowerbeds, vast lawns, and musical fountains are the attractions of the udyan. Ten plazas and twenty-two fountains are added features. It has a children's play area, swimming pool and boat rides.

Attractions near Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan

Mohta Devi Mandir43.28km from Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan

Shri Shetra Mohata Devi Gad is situated at Mohata which is 9 km from Pathardi Taluka and 70 km east of Ahmednagar. This holy place is dedicated to Shri Kulswamini Jagdamba Mohatadevi. Navratri is a major festival of the temple in the month of September/October.

Bibi Ka Maqbara46.78km from Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan

Built in 1668 the Tomb of Rabia Durani or Bibi Ka Maqbara was erected by Azam Shah, the son of Aurangzeb to commemorate his mother Dilras Begum who was titled Rabia Durani post her death

Daulatabad fort53.68km from Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan

Daulatabad Fort is an ancient fortification that rises formidably from the midst of verdant greenery. Often hailed as one of the 'seven wonders of Maharashtra', this architectural marvel is believed to have been built in the 12th century. Also known as Devgiri fort

Shani Shingnapur55.98km from Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan

This is a Shanidev temple located in the Shingnapur village. this temple has a place in thins village history and so many devotees are visiting this temple a day.

Ellora Caves63.94km from Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan

One of the largest rock-cut monastery-temple cave complexes in the world, featuring Hindu, Buddhist and Jain monuments, and artwork, dating from the 600–1000 CE period.

Grishneshwar Temple64km from Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan

Grishneshwar Temple is one of the shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva that is referenced in the  Shiva Purana. The temple is an important pilgrimage site in the Shaiva tradition of Hinduism which considers it as the last or twelfth Jyotirlinga.

Where is Sant Dynaneshwar Udyaan

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Aurangabad District is located mainly in the Godavari River Basin and partly in the Tapi River Basin. It is rich in its historical events and natural beauties. Aurangabad the only tourist district of India having two-world heritage monuments to its credits.