Chute Moreau in Guadeloupe, France - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Chute Moreau

Goyave, Guadeloupe


About Chute Moreau

The Moreau Falls are a series of waterfalls consisting of a large main jump 100 meters high and two secondary jumps located on the course of the Moreau River in Guadeloupe. They are located in the national park of Guadeloupe on the territory of the municipality of Goyave on the island of Basse-Terre. This fall is found in an environment of hygrophilous plants and also this place is a little bit risky to reach and her you can enjoy nature's beauty.

Attractions near Chute Moreau

Guadeloupe National Park4.06km from Chute Moreau

The Guadeloupe National Park located in the Leeward Islands of the eastern Caribbean region has the world's most extensive Permian fossil reef, the four highest peaks in Texas.  You can experience the beautiful mountains, canyons, deserts, and dunes.  It also has a vast collection of flora and fauna, both marine and terrestrial.  The park covers nearly 22,000 hectares and this place is a  paradise for trekkers and also for wildlife lovers too.

Rivière du Grand Carbet6.77km from Chute Moreau

The river Grand Carbet is a stream of Guadeloupe taking source in the National Park of Guadeloupe and flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. Located in a dense forest and It is nice trekking and rock climbing destination. This river has its source in the eastern flank of the Soufrière. Its sulfurous waters clear up after three falls to flow into the sea, on the Atlantic coast of the island, 11 km below.

La Grande Soufrière7km from Chute Moreau

A beautiful and active stratovolcano on the French island of Basse-Terre, in Guadeloupe. The volcano hike was a breathtaking experience, but be careful, plan your ascent well, for the breathtaking views from the top.   Watching the sunrise from the top is an unforgettable sight. You can spend some beautiful time enjoying nature and also you will get a nice trekking experience too.

La Soufriere Volcano7.1km from Chute Moreau

A massive active volcano that was located on the island of Basse-Terre, in Guadeloupe. Its last eruptions were in the 1580s and now it was one of the attractions on this island.  You can have a nice trek and also It is a stratovolcano with a crater lake, which increases the beauty of this volcano. Nowadays many tourists explore this place and enjoy these spectacular views.

Carbet Falls7.38km from Chute Moreau

One of the most famous and easily accessible series of waterfalls in Guadaloupe was located at the heart of the rainforest in Guadeloupe National Park. The first two falls make a huge impression, exceeding 110 meters of height each, while the third one is only 20 meters in height. You can have a small trek to reach these falls and from here you can see the vast natural beauty of this area and the falls are one of the most popular visitor sites in Guadeloupe, with approximately 400,000 visitors a

Saut De La Lézarde7.94km from Chute Moreau

Saut De La Lézarde is a beautiful waterfall that was on the Lézarde river which is located in the Guadeloupe National Park in the town of Petit-Bourg in Guadeloupe. Along with other waterfalls, it is one of the places of tourist attraction of the archipelago. Like all retention basins at the foot of the waterfalls and jumps in Guadeloupe, the Lézarde jump is frequented by tourists who can swim there.  You can spend some good times here and also can enjoy the miracle of nature.

Where is Chute Moreau

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Guadeloupe is also known as the Butterfly Island, on account of the shape of two of its major islands, and is a overseas region of France in the Caribbean.