Castle of Sedan in Grand Est, France - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Castle of Sedan

Cours Clos du Château, 08200 Sedan, France

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About Castle of Sedan

A majestic castle which was located in  Sedan, France. It is a grand fortress of medieval European stock, covering an area of 35,000 m2 in its seven floors. The castle was given by the French Army to the city of Sedan in 1962 and was subjected to a number of restorations. There is also a beautiful museum inside this castle which was dedicated to the Franco-Prussian War and It has rich collections of things that have been used at that time.

Attractions near Castle of Sedan

Forest of Argonne59.66km from Castle of Sedan

A densely wooded and hilly region in eastern France that forms a natural barrier between Champagne and Lorraine. It is also a historically important area.  It was here the Prussians were repulsed in 1792 by the French at Valmy and where U.S. forces swept over the Germans in 1918. A beautiful area for nice trekking and also it is quite adventurous too.

Fort Douaumont64.52km from Castle of Sedan

Fort Douaumont was the largest and highest fort on the ring of 19 large defensive works that had protected the city of Verdun built in the late 19th-century. The heavily armed fortress was designed to be the most strategically important of Verdun’s mighty defenses. It was protected by two layers of concrete over a meter thick and surrounded by a seven-meter-deep moat and 30 meters of barbed wire. It was one of the famous attractions in this area and the view from the fort is truly impressive.

Douaumont Ossuary64.86km from Castle of Sedan

The Douaumont ossuary is a memorial containing the skeletal remains of soldiers who died on the battlefield during the Battle of Verdun in World War I. This modern French ossuary contains the jumbled bones of 130,000 WWI soldiers. The Ossuary is a gallery-shaped building surmounted by a Lantern of the Dead tower. It has been designated as a national cemetery that contains the remains of both French and German soldiers who died on the Verdun battlefield.

Verdun Memorial66.38km from Castle of Sedan

Verdun Memorial is one of the most important Great War museums in Europe which was built on the actual site of a battle which was Spread over three levels with a collection of 2,000 objects. It is a military museum that displays French and German armaments, military vehicles, uniforms, and equipment of both French and German troops during the battle. One of the nice locations which shows light to the ancient history of Europe.

Lac du Val-Joly74.53km from Castle of Sedan

"  ValJoly  " is - in the north of France - both the name of an artificial lake of 180 hectares built shortly before 1970 and that of the nautical base and the leisure center which were built there. It was created with a dam to help regulate the flow of the Helpe Majeure, and also as a hydropower source. This place also has a collection of Flora and fauna. One of the nice locations in this area and also you can spend a nice time there.

Palais du Tau82.79km from Castle of Sedan

The Tau Palace was one of the residences of the archbishops of Reims . It owes its name to its plan which, in the Middle Ages , was shaped like the letter T ( Tau in Greek ). A building adjoining the Notre-Dame de Reims cathedral , it was also a royal residence during the coronations of the kings of France in Reims.

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Grand Est is a vast new region in Eastern France, the unification of the former historical regions of Champagne-Ardenne, Alsace, and Lorraine. Its geographical location – bordering Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland – makes of the Grand Est an interesting cultural melting pot which can be clearly seen in its architecture and tasted in its gastronomy.