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Grand-Ballon - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

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About Grand-Ballon

The Grand-Ballon is the highest summit in the Vosges and is situated between the valleys of the Thur and the Lauch in Alsace. the top of the Grand Ballon features an alpine-tundra climate. The mountain is part of the so-called Belchen System, a group of mountains with the name "Belchen" that may have been part of a Celtic sun calendar One of the nice trekking destination and also a good viewpoint.

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Attractions Near Grand-Ballon

Parc naturel régional des Ballons des Vosges

one of France's biggest Nature Parks which covers the three former regions of Alsace, Franche-Comté, and Lorraine. It offers some beautiful natural and cultural heritage. There is a series of mountain landscapes, rounded mountain peaks, and high-altitude pastures. It is one of the largest and most populated French regional parks. A wide range of habitats available in the park including so many wildlife varieties too

Lac de Kruth-Wildenstein

Lac de Kruth-Wildenstein

12.27km from Grand-Ballon

Lac de Kruth-Wildenstein is a lake in Haut-Rhin , France . At an altitude of 545 m, the surface is 0.81 km². It was located in a serene surrounding and Swimming is authorized there. The lake and the surroundign offers a lot of activites and take a bit of a walk along the lake to get away from the water sports center and sit on an area of ​​grass if you want a little more calm.

Écomusée d'Alsace

Écomusée d'Alsace

15.09km from Grand-Ballon

The Ecomusée d ' Alsace in Ungersheim, in the Haut-Rhin, is an open-air museum where authentic Alsatian constructions have been transferred and reassembled, forming like a living village: half-timbered houses, workers' houses, shop, town hall , fortified tower, festival hall, farm, school, washhouse, gardens, fields. The museum's mission is to present the buildings and the ways and customs of yesteryear and to ensure the transmission of living heritage.

Le Parc du Petit Prince

Le Parc du Petit Prince

15.51km from Grand-Ballon

The Petit Prince park is a theme park inspired by the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and is located in Ungersheim in Alsace. Equipped with two large captive balloons and an aero bar, it is the first aerial park in the world. You can explore over 24 ha with 32 unique attractions and rides. One of the nice location where you can spend some nice time with your family.



16.36km from Grand-Ballon

Hohneck is the Second summit of the Vosges mountains with 1364 m of altitude. As most of the summits of the Vosges, the Hohneck is situated on the water sharing crest between the Borgesian side cut by the river Vologne and the alsatian side cut by the valley of the river Fecht. It was one of the nice trekking destination and also the view from the top of the mountain is truly interesting.

Sentier Des Roches

Sentier Des Roches

18.46km from Grand-Ballon

Sentier Des Roches, also known under the names of Felsenpfad or Strohmeyerpfad, is a hiking trail in the Vosges mountains that connects the Schlucht pass to Frankenthal, near the Hohneck. Created in the early 1910s, it is partly carved into the rock and has several passages fitted out using stairs and walkways. It is one of the best known and most frequented trails in the Vosges mountains and also one of the most accident-prone.

Discover More Attractions in Grand Est, Home of Grand-Ballon

Grand Est

Grand Est

71 attractions

Grand Est is a vast new region in Eastern France, the unification of the former historical regions of Champagne-Ardenne, Alsace, and Lorraine. Its geographical location – bordering Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland – makes of the Grand Est an interesting cultural melting pot which can be clearly seen in its architecture and tasted in its gastronomy.

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