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Guiana Amazonian Park - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

1 rue Lederson, Remire-Montjoly, French Guiana

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About Guiana Amazonian Park

The territory of the Amazonian Park of Guyana covers 40% of French Guyana, making it the largest national park in France and of the European Union. it protects one of the strongest biodiversity zones on the planet, as well as the original ways of life and the human activities of the inhabitants of the rivers and forest. It cannot be accessed from the sea-shore or by any other means other than by airplane or pirogue. Guiana Amazonian Park represents the biggest rain forest protected area in the w

Attractions Near Guiana Amazonian Park

Montagne de Kaw
Montagne de Kaw202.76km from Guiana Amazonian Park

The mountain of Kaw is a relief made up of hills located in the commune of Roura in Guyana and covered by a large forest area. it hosts a rich biological diversity and many endemic species. It shelters numerous shelters under rocks favorable to the orange cocks of rock, emblematic and endemic species of the Plateau des Guyanas. One of the lush green areas which were located in the heart of France which was also a nice trekking destination.

Petit-Saut Dam
Petit-Saut Dam207.65km from Guiana Amazonian Park

The Petit-Saut Dam is a gravity dam on the Sinnamary River about 36 km south of Sinnamary in French Guiana. The primary purpose of the dam is to produce hydroelectric power and it supports a 116 MW power station. It was one of the main power stations in this area and is owned by Électricité de France. It is also one of the main water sources of this area and is now a tourist attraction too.

Guiana Space Centre
Guiana Space Centre 213.8km from Guiana Amazonian Park

The Guiana Space Center is a facility used by the European Space Agency and the French government to launch satellites into space. The center is located near Kourou in French Guiana. This was the spaceport used by the ESA to send supplies to the International Space Station using the Automated Transfer Vehicle. One of the famous locations in this area and is famous around the world.

Zoo de Guyane
Zoo de Guyane218.19km from Guiana Amazonian Park

The Guyana Zoo is a zoo French located in Guyana. It is the only one present in this region and overseas department. Located in the two municipalities of Macouria and Montsinéry, it is home to more than 75 Guyanese species, most of which are protected, representing more than 450 individuals. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Guyana which was opened in 1983.

Montagne des Singes
Montagne des Singes220.54km from Guiana Amazonian Park

The Montagne des Singes is an animal park located in the town of Kintzheim in Alsace. In this space of 24 hectares which opened in 1969, one can observe more than 240 magots. The site is open from late March to mid-November. The visit lasts about an hour. It has free parking, a picnic area, restaurant service, and a playground. This place also housed a center for studies on the social behavior of magots.

Guiana Botanical Garden
Guiana Botanical Garden223.38km from Guiana Amazonian Park

Guiana Botanical Garden is a pleasant open space that was with a huge range of tropical plants, trees, and flowers in it. It was founded in the late 19th century, during the time of British Guiana, on an abandoned sugar estate. It includes the Seven Ponds, which is the burial site of many famous personalities.

Where is Guiana Amazonian Park

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French Guiana is a department of France in the Amazonia region of South America, is governed as an overseas province of France. French Guiana is bounded by Brazil to the south and east, Suriname to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the northeast.