Tour Vauban in Brittany, France - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Tour Vauban

Le Sillon, 29570 Camaret-sur-Mer, France

Iconic Buildings

About Tour Vauban

The Vauban tower is a defensive polygonal tower built on a master plan by Vauban and erected on the Sillon at Camaret-Sur-Mer, of which it appears on the coat of arms. It is a prototype of the best restored of boxes at sea in battery low and turn groove built by Vauban, with the original plaster that covers, made from crushed brick.

Attractions near Tour Vauban

Pen Hir Point3.74km from Tour Vauban

One of the tallest cliffs on the Brittany coast which is as tall as 70 metres high. There is also a Monument to the Bretons of Free France buit there. It was created in 1949-1951 by architect Jean-Baptiste Mathon and sculptor Victor-François Bazin.

Château de Dinan5.22km from Tour Vauban

A majestic castle which was built in 1382 by John IV of Montfort, Duke of Brittany. It stands on the Medieval rampart of the town. It was an example of the ancient architecture of France and also it paves light to the ancient history of this area. The castle was listed for protection as a monument historique in 1886. It is owned by the commune and houses the local museum.

Le Phare du Petit Minou6.51km from Tour Vauban

A beautiful lighthouse which was located at  Plouzané, a Breton municipality of Finistère. Built-in the mid-nineteenth century, it was fully automated in the late 1980s. It was located on a rock advanced to sea on the northern coast of the Brest gully. One of the nice places to spend some beautiful time. This beautiful lighthouse was built in the early year of the nineteenth-century and later it was automated in the year 1980.

Cap de la Chèvre12.77km from Tour Vauban

The southern tip of the Curzon peninsula and also the beautiful moors covered cliffs offers a nice view of the sea and the long sandy beaches is nice for a sunbath. This place is famous among surfers but swimming is prohibited here because of the high waves. This place is apt for an outing with your family and can enjoy the natural beauty by along walk through the sandy beach.

Pointe Saint-Mathieu14.36km from Tour Vauban

A beautiful coast which was famous for its lighthouse and a beautiful abbey. This is a place which is very nice to see with its cliffs and the coast is very calm and also you can explore the beauty of the sea and the historic lighthouse stands as a majestic building which increases the beauty of this area. Nice place for a walk and you can get away from the busy daily lives.

Saint-Mathieu lighthouse14.36km from Tour Vauban

The Saint-Mathieu lighthouse is located at the end of the tip of the same name at the Plougonvelin, in Brittany, north of the harbor of Brest. It was built in 1835 on the site of an old abbey, and it is one of the most important French coast lighthouses. It was later electrified in 1932 and automated in 1996. One of the prime attractions in this locality which paves light to history.

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Brittany is the farthest west of the regions of Metropolitan France. It is named after the historic and geographic region of Brittany