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Domain Trévarez

Trevarez, 29520 Saint-Goazec, France

Iconic Buildings
Old Ruins
Botanical Gardens

About Domain Trévarez

A famous castle which was located in the commune of Saint-Goazec in Finistère, in Brittany, France. It was built in the heart of 85 hectares of grounds and has been awarded France's '20th Century Heritage' label. A beautiful park and a botanical garden are also set in this place and they are listed on the Ministry's database and are open to the public. The chateau is also listed in the monument Historique by the French Ministry of Culture.

Attractions near Domain Trévarez

Odet18.1km from Domain Trévarez

One of the beautiful river in France which was wild to the north and is one of the main water sources of the area and people spends time in the banks of this river by fishing and so many other activities. The river is also popular with the Kayakers.

Nantes-Brest canal20.31km from Domain Trévarez

The Nantes–Brest canal is a French canal which links the two seaports of Nantes and Brest through inland Brittany. It was built in the early 19th century, and its total length as built was 385 km with 238 locks. This was the most ambitious canal project ever completed in France. One of the main sources of water in this area and also a tourist attraction too. The canal has been revived and ownership has been transferred from the State to Brittany Region, except for the short length in Pays de la

Saint Corentin Cathedral28.08km from Domain Trévarez

One of the majestic cathedral in the city of Britanny which has so much historical importance. The gothic architecture and the multi-colored stone facing and pillars increase the beauty of this 15th-century cathedral. it also has a beautiful collection of stained glass of the 15th century. One of the main pilgrimage centres in this area and is also the main tourist attraction too.

Parc naturel régional d'Armorique31.64km from Domain Trévarez

This beautiful regional park which was created in 1969, was the second of its kind in France. Extending over 425 000 acres. It includes a wide variety of landscapes, settings, and activities that reflect the diversity of the beautiful environment. One of the nice trekking destinations and also there are chances of so many adventure activities too. It also has a vast variety of wildlife too.

Ménez-Hom32.55km from Domain Trévarez

A small and beautiful mountain which was located in Finistere. This place gives a panoramic view of this area and also  Mysterious traces of stone walls have been found around the top of this mountain, but no one is quite sure from when they date.  visitors have a choice of walks around the mountain or, for the more adventurous, paragliding, or micro-lighting rides. This place is associated with so many myths and also history says more about it.

La Ville Close 35.56km from Domain Trévarez

The closed city of Concarneau is a walled city of the xv th and xvi th centuries built on an island. It is the historic heart of the city of Concarneau which has gradually developed around the islet. There are so many shops which are old stone houses. you can wander through this island to study about this place.

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Brittany is the farthest west of the regions of Metropolitan France. It is named after the historic and geographic region of Brittany