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Pointe de la Torche - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Pointe de la Torche, 29120 Plomeur, France

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About Pointe de la Torche

One of the best surfing spots in France offers a panoramic view of the sea and It is an officially recognized natural site and also a prehistoric settlement and burial site that is registered as a historic monument. There are so many interesting things to see around this place and it is a good place to relax your mind from the busy life. This place is accessible by a pedestrian path. It attracts many surfers, bodyboarders, kitesurfers, wind-surfers, wave skiers and land yachters, etc.

Attractions Near Pointe de la Torche

Phare d'Eckmühl
Phare d'Eckmühl4.56km from Pointe de la Torche

A majestic lighthouse that was inaugurated in the year 1897 located at the tip of Penmarc'h. This beautiful lighthouse offers a breathtaking view of the entire Audierne Bay. Reaching the top takes climbing 307 steps, 227 stone steps followed by an iron staircase. It was open to the public all time.

La Ville Close
La Ville Close 19.18km from Pointe de la Torche

The closed city of Concarneau is a walled city of the xv th and xvi th centuries built on an island. It is the historic heart of the city of Concarneau which has gradually developed around the islet. There are so many shops which are old stone houses. you can wander through this island to study about this place.

Saint Corentin Cathedral
Saint Corentin Cathedral25.7km from Pointe de la Torche

One of the majestic cathedral in the city of Britanny which has so much historical importance. The gothic architecture and the multi-colored stone facing and pillars increase the beauty of this 15th-century cathedral. it also has a beautiful collection of stained glass of the 15th century. One of the main pilgrimage centres in this area and is also the main tourist attraction too.

Tristan Island
Tristan Island29.39km from Pointe de la Torche

A beautiful island which is historically and also naturally famous around Brittany. The visitors are allowed at a certain time and this place is closely associated with Breton legends and the lost island of Ys. the island has become part of the national Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise in the year of 2007. One of the beautiful places where you can see the historical trails of the olden ages and also the uninhabited natural beauty.

Glénan Islands
Glénan Islands30.56km from Pointe de la Torche

The Îles de Glénan is an archipelago of islands about 16 kilometers and it is only accessible in the summer season. There are a sailing and diving school located there. This is a popular tourist destination and this island is powered by a combined power plant. It is difficult to stay on the islands overnight, as there is no hotel, and camping is not allowed.

Pointe du Raz
Pointe du Raz32.77km from Pointe de la Torche

The Pointe du Raz is one of Nature’s masterpieces, a rugged headland jutting out into the turbulent waters of the Raz de Sein. It is the best-known natural attraction in Finistère with its high, heather-clad cliffs exposed to the elements. One of the beautiful places to see and also you can spend some beautiful time here.

Where is Pointe de la Torche

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Brittany is the farthest west of the regions of Metropolitan France. It is named after the historic and geographic region of Brittany