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Arles Amphitheatre - Things to Know Before Visiting

1 Rond-Point des Arènes, 13200 Arles, France

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About Arles Amphitheatre

Located in the city of Aries, Arles Amphitheatre is one of city’s most important and impressive Roman structures. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Arles Amphitheatre was built in 90 AD and during its prime time, it had a seating capacity of over over 20,000 spectators. It was built to conduct chariot races and bloddy hand to hand battles.

Attractions Near Arles Amphitheatre

Saint-Trophime Primatial Catholic Church
Saint-Trophime Primatial Catholic Church0.28km from Arles Amphitheatre

The Church of St. Trophime is one of the iconic structures in Arles, built between the twelfth century and the fifteenth century. It is a Roman Catholic church and an ancient cathedral in the town of Arles.

Alyscamps0.57km from Arles Amphitheatre

The Alyscamps is a large Roman necropolis, which was consecrated in the 3rd century by Saint Trophime, the first bishop of Arles, as a burial ground for Christians. They were famous in the Middle Ages and are referred to by Ariosto in Orlando Furioso and by Dante in the Inferno. Christians from far up the river Rhone river would send corpses down the river on rafts with a coin in the mouth to pay for burial in this necropolis.

Abbaye de Montmajour
Abbaye de Montmajour4.07km from Arles Amphitheatre

Abbaye de Montmajour is a fortified Benedictine monastery that was founded between the 10th and 18th centuries. During the Middle Ages, it was a major pilgrimage site. Today, the abbey ruins are preserved by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux as a historical monument.

Parc naturel régional de Camargue
Parc naturel régional de Camargue10.16km from Arles Amphitheatre

Régional Nature Park of the Camargue is a designated protected area along the shoreline of the Camargue. The park protects a wetland environment and an adjacent marine area. The boundaries of the park have been expanded to include a lagoon called the Étang de Vaccarès. The Camargue is also the site of a national nature reserve and has been designated by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

Site Archéologique de Glanum
Site Archéologique de Glanum19.42km from Arles Amphitheatre

Glanum was a prosperous and ancient town dating back from the 7th century BC. The site is renowned for its two well-preserved 1st century BC monuments, known as "Les Antiques"- a mausoleum, and a triumphal arch.

Alpilles19.81km from Arles Amphitheatre

The Chaîne des Alpilles is a narrow range of low mountains in southern France. The highest areas of the range are a nature reserve occupied by a variety of endangered birds, including the eagle of Bonelli, the vulture of Egypt and the eagle owl.

Where is Arles Amphitheatre

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