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ISOLA 2000 - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Office de Tourisme d'Isola 2000, 06420 Isola, France

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About ISOLA 2000

Isola 2000 is a ski resort in the southern French Alps. It is located next to the Mercantour National Park and is about 90 km from Nice, France. It offers skiers and riders 45 alpine ski slopes and an incredible panorama from the massif of the Ecrins.

Attractions Near ISOLA 2000

Monte Argentera
Monte Argentera11.3km from ISOLA 2000

The Monte Argentera is a mountain of the Maritime Alps, of which represents the maximum elevation. It is located in the upper Gesso valley, in the province of Cuneo, on the border between the municipalities of Entracque and Valdieri . The summit is not located on the Italian - French watershed, but on a secondary ridge. This detaches from the main watershed at the Ghiliè peak, and proceeds in a general north direction until it culminates at the southern peak of the Argentera.

Mercantour National Park
Mercantour National Park13.53km from ISOLA 2000

Mercantour National Park is a French national park with an area of protected land that covers around 685-kilometer square. The park includes beautiful lakes, diverse wildlife, many valleys, and villages. There is a lot of footpaths through villages which gives a varied experience to visitors.

Valle Gesso
Valle Gesso18.23km from ISOLA 2000

The Gesso Valley is a valley in the Maritime Alps, characterized by the vast basin of the Gesso stream, largely shaped by the action of glaciers. Geographically it acts as a "hinge" between the two stretches of the Maritime perpendicular to each other, the East-West one and the South-North oriented one. In Valle Gesso there are the highest peaks of the Maritime Alps, namely the two peaks of Monte Argentera.

Vallée des merveilles
Vallée des merveilles25.1km from ISOLA 2000

The Vallée des Merveilles is a mountain area and a valley loacted in southern France. It holds the largest quantity of open-air Bronze Age petroglyphs in Europe.

Col de Tende
Col de Tende31.96km from ISOLA 2000

The Col de Tende is a mountain pass in the Alps, on the border of France and Italy, at 44°9′ N 7°33.96′ E. It separates the Maritime Alps from the Ligurian Alps. It connects Nice and Tende in Alpes-Maritimes with Cuneo in Piedmont. The altitude of the pass itself is 1870 m. One of the picturesque locations in this area and also you can spend some nice time there.

Col de la Bonette
Col de la Bonette32.44km from ISOLA 2000

Col de la Bonette is a mountain pass and the highest asphalt road in Europe, situated within the Mercantour National Park of the French Alps. The mountain pass offers many beautiful viewpoints.

Where is ISOLA 2000

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