Lötschberg Base Tunnel north in Valais, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Lötschberg Base Tunnel north

3942 Niedergesteln, Switzerland


About Lötschberg Base Tunnel north

The Lötschberg Tunnel is a 14.612 km long railway tunnel on the Lötschberg Line, which connects Spiez and Brig at the northern end of the Simplon Tunnel cutting through the Bernese Alps of Switzerland. Its ends are at the towns of Kandersteg in the canton of Berne and Goppenstein in the canton of Valais. The top elevation of the tunnel is 1,240 m above sea level, this is the highest point of the main Swiss railway network.

Attractions near Lötschberg Base Tunnel north

Oeschinen Lake10.78km from Lötschberg Base Tunnel north

Oeschinen Lake is a lake in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland, 4 kilometres east of Kandersteg in the Oeschinen valley. The lake is fed through a series of mountain creeks and drains underground. The water then resurfaces as the Oeschibach. Part of it is captured for electricity production and as a water supply for Kandersteg. It is one of the beautiful places in this locality and a lot of tourists visits this place and spend some valuable times here.

Engstligenalp17.28km from Lötschberg Base Tunnel north

The Engstligenalp is a plateau of the western Swiss Alps. It lies south of Adelboden at 1900 – 2000 m above sea level. Since 1996 it has belonged to the Swiss culture landscapes of national importance.  It is covered by alpine pastures and crossed by numerous mountain streams springing from the slopes.  A hiking trail leads south over three mountain passes to Leukerbad in the Valais, another leads west to the Lenk valley. It was one of the picturesque locations in this area and also trekking is

Daubensee18.78km from Lötschberg Base Tunnel north

Daubensee is a lake at Gemmi Pass in Valais, Switzerland. It is the site of the annual Shepherd Festival held on the last Sunday in July. It has a surface area of 69 ha. It was located in a picturesque location and the water is very cool. There are also trekking areas around the lake.

Gemmi Pass20.23km from Lötschberg Base Tunnel north

Gemmi Pass is a high mountain pass across the Bernese Alps connecting Leukerbad in the canton of Valais with Kandersteg in the canton of Bern. The pass itself lies within the canton of Valais, at a height of 2,270 meters above sea level. The main trail reaches 2,322 meters.  The pass is mentioned in the Sherlock Holmes story The Final Problem. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson cross the pass on their way to Meiringen, where Sherlock Holmes has his famous meeting with Professor Moriarty at the Reic

Wildstrubel21.88km from Lötschberg Base Tunnel north

The Wildstrubel Glacier is a 2.3 km long valley glacier in the Bernese and Valaisan Alps. The glacier ends at about 2,550 m above sea level, forms the source of the Lämmerenbach which flows to the lake Daubensee near the Gemmi Pass. Wildstrubel has three summits, that are nearly of same elevation. The summits are connected by a bent ridge of length about 3.5 km, which invites for a traverse. One of the nice trekking destination and also a beautiful place to spend some nice time.

Lötschental21.99km from Lötschberg Base Tunnel north

The Lötschental is the largest valley on the northern side of the Rhône valley in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. It lies in the Bernese Alps, with the Lonza running down the length of the valley from its source within the Langgletscher.  It is surrounded by 3,000 meter high mountains. One of the beautiful places located in the area and also a good trekking area too.

Where is Lötschberg Base Tunnel north

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The canton of Valais is considered as one of the driest regions of Switzerland. The famous scenic rail route across the Furka Pass originates from this canton. It also includes one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Swiss mountains called Matterhorn.