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Attractions to explore near Diskit Gompa

Diskit GompaDiskit, Jammu and Kashmir 194401
Nearby Attractions

Nubra Valley16.18 KMs away from Diskit Gompa

Nubra valley (valley of flowers) located to the north east of Ladakh valley is a high altitude (3048m above sea level) cold dessert. The valley was once part of the historic Silk route which connected once connect south to central Asia. It's now predominantly a sensitive military zone as it shares boundaries with Pakistan and China.

Khardung La29.44 KMs away from Diskit Gompa

Khardung la located in the Indian union territory of Ladakh, is undoubtedly one of the monumental mountain passes all over the world though its exact elevation is still a controversy. The mountain pass not just serves as the gateway to the remote Nubra and Shyok valleys but also offers astonishing views of the twisting roads up the mountain and the awesome valley.

Magnetic Hill45.53 KMs away from Diskit Gompa

Objects and cars on this hill road may appear to roll uphill in defiance of gravity.

The Lamayuru Monastery77.64 KMs away from Diskit Gompa

The Monastery consisted originally of five buildings, some remains of the four corner buildings can still be seen. Lamayuru is one of the largest and oldest monasteries in Ladakh, with a population of around 150 permanent monks residing. It has, in the past, housed up to 400 monks, many of which are now monasteries in gompas in surrounding villages.