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Aula Palatina - Things to Know Before Visiting

Konstantinpl. 10, 54290 Trier, Germany

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About Aula Palatina

The Aula Palatina at Trier, Germany is a Roman palace basilica that was commissioned by the emperor Constantine I at the beginning of the 4th century. The Aula Palatina was built as a part of the palace complex. Originally it was not a free standing building, but had other smaller buildings attached to it.

Attractions Near Aula Palatina

Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier
Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier0.24km from Aula Palatina

An archeological museum with collection stretching for 200,000 years- from prehistoric through Roman Period, and middle ages to the the Baroque era. Much importance is given to the Roman past of Trier, Germany's olderst city. A large scale modal of Trier during Roman era is one of the notable artefact here.

Liebfrauenkirche, Trier
Liebfrauenkirche, Trier0.27km from Aula Palatina

Thought to be buiilt between 1230 and 1247, this is the earliest Gothic church in Germany. Several of the churches Gothic pillars stands on top of ancient Roman columns. None of the Roman structures are visible above the surface now but there are excavations under the church that are not open to the public.

Trier Saint Peter's Cathedral
Trier Saint Peter's Cathedral0.31km from Aula Palatina

The High Cathedral of Saint Peter in Trier is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is the oldest church in Germany, notable for its long life span and grand design. The central part of the nave was built of Roman brick in the early fourth century, the rest of the cathedral in different eras. The Trier Cathedral Treasury contains an important collection of Christian art and id a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Seamless Robe of Jesus, the robe said to have been w

Kaiserthermen (Trier Imperial Baths)
Kaiserthermen (Trier Imperial Baths)0.44km from Aula Palatina

Kaiserthermen, or The Trier Imperial Baths are a large Roman bath complex in Trier, Germany constructed in the 4th century AD. This large complex consists of an impressive outer walls, and subterranean passageways with furnaces for heating.

Karl Marx House
Karl Marx House0.56km from Aula Palatina

The Karl Marx House museum is a writer's house museum in Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Karl Marx, the father of modern socialism and communism, was born in the house in 1818. It is now a museum about Karl Marx's life and writings as well as the history of communism. This museum is extremely popular with tourists from China.

Porta Nigra
Porta Nigra0.68km from Aula Palatina

The Porta Nigra is a large Roman city gate in Trier, Germany. It is today the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps. It was built in grey sandstone after 170 AD. The original gate consisted of two four-storeyed towers, projecting as near semicircles on the outer side. For unknown reasons, the construction of the gate remained unfinished. In Roman times, the Porta Nigra was part of a system of four city gates, one of which stood at each side of the roughly rectangular Roman city.

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With 42% of its area covered by forests, it is the most forested state of Germany along with Hesse.