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Subash Ckd

Subash Ckd


The mountain is 1276m high (4186ft). According to a sign at the entrance to the park, Gunung Ledang is Malaysia's 64th highest mountain and the 6th most difficult to climb. This is a good place to connect with nature. The waterfall is cool and refreshing and there are lots of campers around here. After a long drive from KL, we were looking for a waterfall to refresh ourself and we found this place. There are 3 levels where one can rest and take a dip comfortably - the obvious is the higher you go, the less people it is. But the climb, though easier due to pathway been build, it is quite taxing. But the journey self is well worth it and the destination, excellent. Find a spot, mark your territory and enjoy the cool water.
*The bottles you see in the pics we brought back and disposed accordingly.

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Mount Ophir

Mount Ophir

Mount Ophir, 84900, Johor, Malaysia

According to one legend, ancient history points to the mountain being rich in gold deposits, luring traders from far away. Ophir was a biblical-era land, rich with natural resources- hence the name Mount Ophir.