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Weg der Schweiz - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Bahnhofstrasse 15, 6440 Brunnen SZ, Switzerland

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About Weg der Schweiz

A 35 km footpath was created around the southernmost part of Lake Lucerne to mark Switzerland’s 700th anniversary. The Path leads to historic sites pertaining to the Swiss Confederation. The path is divided into stages that are partially wheelchair-accessible and can be reached by ship or by train. Overnight stays are possible at the end of some of the trails.

Attractions Near Weg der Schweiz

Druidenstein1.48km from Weg der Schweiz

The Druidenstein is a large erratic block above Morschach in the canton of Schwyz. The stone lies at an altitude of 758 m above sea level. M. northeast above the village on a hilltop of the Grossegg. The Druidenstein is surrounded by other smaller boulders and by the lawn of the Axenstein Golf Club, whose restaurant is barely a hundred meters away from the stone. From the “Schwyzerhaus” bus stop, it can be easily reached in around fifteen minutes via a marked hiking trail.

Schillerstein1.55km from Weg der Schweiz

The Schillerstein, also known under the name Mythenstein, is a striking boulder about 20 meters high that protrudes from the water at the entrance to Lake Uri, the southernmost basin of Lake Lucerne. It is located opposite Brunnen between the Treib and the Rütli and is only accessible from the water. It is one of the most attractive parts of Uri.

Rütli3.08km from Weg der Schweiz

Rütli is a mountain meadow on Lake Lucerne, in the Seelisberg municipality of the Swiss canton of Uri. It is the site of the Rütlischwur in traditional Swiss historiography, the oath marking the foundation of the original Swiss Confederacy. As such it is treated as a national monument of Switzerland. Since 1860, the Schweizerische Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft has organized a celebration at the site on Swiss National Day, since 1994 recognized as a public holiday.

Fronalpstock3.83km from Weg der Schweiz

A beautiful high mountain that was part of the Schwyzer alps and is located in the canton of Schwyz. There is a chair lift to access the summit and also the summit offers a panoramic view of the area. One of the nice trekking destination and also a nice spot by its climate.

Lake Lauerz
Lake Lauerz3.86km from Weg der Schweiz

Lake Lauerzersee lies between the Rigi and Mythen massifs in the municipalities of Lauerz Schwyz and Steinen. The lake, which is 3 kilometres long and a maximum of 1 kilometre wide, lies at an altitude of 447 metres. With a maximum depth of 14 metres, it is one of the shallowest lakes in Switzerland.

Schwanau4.2km from Weg der Schweiz

Schwanau is an island in Lake Lauerz, located in the canton of Schwyz in Central Switzerland. It is occupied by a ruined castle, the Burgruine Schwanau, a chapel and a restaurant. Administratively the island lies within the municipality of Lauerz, but it is owned by the canton of Schwyz. The island is situated some 125 m off the south shore of the lake, close to the lakeside village of Lauerz. Its highest point is 22 metres above normal lake level or 469 metres above sea level. It is the largest

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The canton of Schwyz is a canton in central Switzerland between the Alps in the south, Lake Lucerne to the west, and Lake Zürich in the north, centered on and named after the town of Schwyz.