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Lago di Lei - Things to Know Before Visiting

Lago di Lei


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About Lago di Lei

Lago di Lei is a reservoir in the Valle di Lei. The lake is almost entirely located in Italy, but the barrage was built on territory later assigned to Switzerland. The dam is operated by Kraftwerke Hinterrhein. The waters of the lake are the only waters in Italian territory which end up in the North Sea, being part of the Rhine's drainage basin.

Attractions Near Lago di Lei

Splügen Pass
Splügen Pass10.46km from Lago di Lei

The Splügen Pass leads from the ancient Viamala region, with the gorge of the same name, directly to the Mediterranean lifestyle in the vibrant Italian town of Chiavenna. In the north, touring riders will enjoy lots of hairpin bends with attractive vantage points; in the south, the winding slope through the San Giacomo Valley.

Acquafraggia 13.55km from Lago di Lei

L ' Acquafraggia or water Fraggia is a river of Lombardy, which flows in the province of Sondrio. It is born on the border with Switzerland, from the slopes of Cima di Lago, on the watershed between the tributaries of the North Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea, then flowing in a north-east-southwest direction in the territory of the municipality of Piuro . It flows into the Mera from the right in the Borgonuovo area. It is of glacial origin and takes its name from the Latin "Aqua Fracta

Val Bregaglia
Val Bregaglia14.44km from Lago di Lei

The Bergell is a valley of the river Mera which flows into Lake Como. It starts from the Maloja Pass or Maloggia Pass and ends at the confluence of the Liro into the Mera, mostly Swiss and only the last part Italian. Most of the valley falls within the Swiss district of Maloja in the canton of the Grisons, the lower part within the Italian province of Sondrio. One of the nice trekking area and also it is one f the greenish part of this area.

Septimer Pass
Septimer Pass15.37km from Lago di Lei

The Septimer Pass was once one of the most important Alpine crossings to and from Italy. The favourable topography made it an ideal trade route. Today, hikers and bikers cross the pass and enjoy the unique landscape where traders once trod.

Maloja Pass
Maloja Pass20.23km from Lago di Lei

Maloja Pass is a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps in the canton of Graubünden, linking the Engadine with the Val Bregaglia, still in Switzerland and Chiavenna in Italy. It marks the divide between the Danube and Po watersheds. Lägh da Bitabergh is near the pass. The Maloja Pass is open in winter. However, after heavy snowfalls, the road may be closed for a couple of hours or for an entire day. Even if open, the road might be covered with snowmaking snow/winter tires, or chains, a necessity.

Hinterrhein20.63km from Lago di Lei

The Hinterrhein is one of the two initial tributaries of the Rhine in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland, flowing from the village Hinterrhein near the San Bernardino Pass through the Rheinwald valley into a gorge called Roflaschlucht. It was one of the picturesque locations in this area and offers a wide view of natural beauty.

Where is Lago di Lei

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The canton of Grisons is the largest and easternmost canton of Switzerland. The canton features beautiful mountain views, Biosphere Reserves, and Nature Park.