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Crap Sogn Gion - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Crap Sogn Gion, 7032 Falera, Switzerland

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About Crap Sogn Gion

Crap Sogn Gion is a mountain and cable car station located near Flims in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. Regarding the definition used in the Alps by the Swiss Alpine Club it cannot be called a mountain but only a location at the end of a ridge descending from the Vorab in the Glarus Alps. A very small hut of the Ski Club Flims was the first building on Crap Sogn Gion.

Attractions Near Crap Sogn Gion

Laax4.61km from Crap Sogn Gion

The ski area of LAAX in the Swiss canton of Graubünden offers holidaymakers everything they need for varied and unforgettable holidays. With 235 kilometres of pistes stretching across 100+ square kilometres of snow-assured slopes around the 'Crap Sogn Gion. A large network of hiking and cross-country skiing trails for walkers, winter hikers and cross-country skiers, as well as numerous wellness hotels.

Caumasee6.41km from Crap Sogn Gion

Caumasee is a lake near Flims, in the Grisons, Switzerland. It is one of the lakes on the Flims Rockslide deposits. The lake is fed from underground sources. Its surface area is 10.3194 ha. The lake is in a huge forest that was allowed to remain on the agriculturally useless debris area of the biggest prehistoric rockslide in the Alps and can only be reached by a footpath, possibly using a funicular built-in 1939, refurbished in 1988 on its original tracks. The walk from the edge of town to the

Crestasee8.1km from Crap Sogn Gion

A small and beautiful lake located in the heart of Grisons. There is no tributary to the lake. The water from the lake forms a small stream and enters the Flem river after a very short run, not called a special name for its short length. It was one of the scenic locations where you can spend some leisure time with your family. The water is very clear and you can swim and also it is suitable for fishing.

Il spir
Il spir8.38km from Crap Sogn Gion

The viewing platform Il Spir is located just a few minutes from Conn. It offers a unique 180-degree view over the Little Swiss Canyon, the Ruinaulta gorge. From Flims Waldhaus you can reach the viewing platform via hiking trails through the Flims forest in about one hour.

Ruinaulta8.42km from Crap Sogn Gion

It is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Graubünden and is unique in the Alpine region. In the wild gorges, you can experience pure adrenalin while river rafting or take a hike along the craggy rock formations. An easily accessible hiking trail and several biking trails along the Rhine also present excellent opportunities to have a barbecue, create stone mounds or dip your feet in the water.

Gufelstock21.61km from Crap Sogn Gion

The Gufelstock is a mountain of the Glarus Alps, overlooking Schwanden in the canton of Glarus. The border with the canton of St. Gallen runs on the northern base of the mountain. One of the beautiful area for a picnic and also a good trekking area too. Swimming and fishing are also possible in the lake which is located in the valley.

Where is Crap Sogn Gion

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The canton of Grisons is the largest and easternmost canton of Switzerland. The canton features beautiful mountain views, Biosphere Reserves, and Nature Park.