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Shibuya Crossing Intersection

Inokashira Dori, 2??-2 ??? ??? ??? 150-0043, Japan

Urban Walks

About Shibuya Crossing Intersection

Dubbed as the busiest pedestrian instersection in the world.

Attractions near Shibuya Crossing Intersection

Lake Biwa321.4km from Shibuya Crossing Intersection

The largest freshwater lake in Japan. It is an ancient lake of over 4 million years old and is estimated to be the 13th oldest lake in the world. Lake Biwa is an important place for water birds. About 5,000 water birds visit Lake Biwa every year.

Insa-dong1153.57km from Shibuya Crossing Intersection

A neighborhood in Seoul, connected to a multitude of alleys that lead deeper into streets laden with modern galleries and tea shops. It was once the largest market for antiques and artworks in Korea.

Mount Iraya2413.75km from Shibuya Crossing Intersection

Iraya is located on Batan Island and designated as the highest point in the province of Batanes. It is a dormant volcano, its last eruption happened in 1454.

Vayang Rolling Hills2417.55km from Shibuya Crossing Intersection

It offers a spectacular view of endless waves of rolling hills along with the beautiful view of the west philippine sea.

Valugan Boulder Beach2418.12km from Shibuya Crossing Intersection

The beach is known for its smooth boulders that line the shoreline, which stretches for miles.

Basco Lighthouse - Naidi Hills2418.74km from Shibuya Crossing Intersection

The structure is a 6-story building with a gallery or viewing deck on the fifth floor. It is located in Naidi Hills in Barangay San Antonio, the lush green hills and the open sea provide a beautiful backdrop for the lighthouse.

Where is Shibuya Crossing Intersection

What visitors say about Shibuya Crossing Intersection

This is one of the famous intersection in Tokyo located just outside the Shibuya station which is ever crowded regardless of the time. If you have ever seen a zombie apocalypse in movies, the situation is similar when the traffic lights turn red and people just start spilling on the road from every other direction.