San Bernardino Pass in Grisons, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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San Bernardino Pass

San Bernardino Pass, 6565 Mesocco, Switzerland

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About San Bernardino Pass

The San Bernardino Pass links the Posterior Rhine in Grisons to the north with the Misox valley, also in Grisons, to the south. Not far from the top of the pass is the little resort of San Bernardino with its many opportunities for hiking and winter sports. For eastern Switzerland, the Bernardino route is an alternative to the Gotthard Pass as a way into the Ticino.

Attractions near San Bernardino Pass

Hinterrhein4.39km from San Bernardino Pass

The Hinterrhein is one of the two initial tributaries of the Rhine in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland, flowing from the village Hinterrhein near the San Bernardino Pass through the Rheinwald valley into a gorge called Roflaschlucht. It was one of the picturesque locations in this area and offers a wide view of natural beauty.

Rheinwaldhorn10km from San Bernardino Pass

The Rheinwaldhorn is the highest point in the Swiss canton of Ticino at 3,402 meters above sea level. It lies on the border between the cantons of Graubünden and Ticino, in the Adula massif, part of the St. Gotthard massif of the Lepontine Alps in southern Switzerland. |The climate and the views are so breathtaking and also it offers a nice experience of natural beauty.

Splügen Pass12.25km from San Bernardino Pass

The Splügen Pass leads from the ancient Viamala region, with the gorge of the same name, directly to the Mediterranean lifestyle in the vibrant Italian town of Chiavenna. In the north, touring riders will enjoy lots of hairpin bends with attractive vantage points; in the south, the winding slope through the San Giacomo Valley.

Lago di Luzzone16.86km from San Bernardino Pass

Lago di Luzzone is a reservoir in Ticino, Switzerland. The reservoir has a volume of 108 million m³ and a surface area of 1.27 km2 (0.49 sq mi).[1] It is located in the upper Blenio valley, in the municipalities of Ghirone and Aquila. The reservoir lies at a height of 1,606 meters above sea level and is surrounded by peaks of over 3,000 meters.  The arch dam Luzzone was completed in 1963. The course covers a vertical distance of 165 meters, going from the base of the dam to the top.

Val Calanca18.19km from San Bernardino Pass

The Val Calanca is a valley of the Swiss Alps, located in the Lepontine Alps. The valley is drained by the Calancasca, a tributary of the Moesa , at Roveredo. The highest mountains surrounding the Val Calanca are the Puntone dei Fraciòn and the Zapporthorn.  The valley belongs to the Moesa District, in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. The main villages are : Rossa, Cauco, Selma, Arvigo, Buseno and Santa Maria in Calanca.

Blenio valley18.2km from San Bernardino Pass

The Blenio Valley in northern Ticino extends from the Lukmanier Pass down the valley to Biasca. In summer, hikers encounter well preserved old villages and art treasures on the valley trail from Biasca via Acquarossa to Olivone. The valley also offers a broad spectrum of cultural offerings, including a large number of museums and churches.

Where is San Bernardino Pass

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The canton of Grisons is the largest and easternmost canton of Switzerland. The canton features beautiful mountain views, Biosphere Reserves, and Nature Park.