Glärnisch in Glarus, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Glärnisch, 8750 Glarus, Switzerland

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About Glärnisch

The Glärnisch is a mountain massif of the Schwyz Alps, overlooking the valley of the Linth in the Swiss canton of Glarus. It consists of several summits, of which the highest, Bächistock, is 2,915 metres above sea level. Until 2013, the highest point was considered to be an unnamed point with a summit cross at 2,914 metres. The other main summits are Vrenelisgärtli and the Ruchen. A good trekking destination and also suitable for other adventure activities.

Attractions near Glärnisch

Oberblegisee2.4km from Glärnisch

Oberblegisee is a lake in the Canton of Glarus, Switzerland. It is located at an elevation of 1,422 metres, above the village of Luchsingen and below the peaks of Glärnisch. Its surface area is 0.17 square kilometres. A good picnic point, There is also an opportunity for trekking too.

Klöntalersee3.95km from Glärnisch

The Klöntalersee is a big alpine lake surrounded by mountains, a lovely place for a picnic, and a leisurely walk. We discovered this by accident and even though it’s quite popular, it still seems like a quiet secret place. It is one of the popular picnic destinations and is suitable for all age groups.

Vorder Glärnisch5.11km from Glärnisch

The Vorder Glärnisch is a mountain of the Schwyzer Alps, overlooking the valley of the Linth in the canton of Glarus. It lies north-east of the higher Glärnisch (2,914 m).  Unlike its higher neighbor, the Vorder Glärnisch can be ascended via a trail on its north-west side. It was one of the main trekking destinations in this area and also a tourist-friendly area.

Löntsch7.11km from Glärnisch

The Löntsch is a stream in the Swiss canton of Glarus.  It drains the Klöntalersee and flows into the Linth near Netstal. The course of the stream through the narrow valley reaches a climax with the deep Löntschtobel, which can be observed from the Löntschtobel bridge. An important source river of the Löntsch is the Chlü, which is the largest source river of the Klöntalersee.

Kunsthaus Glarus8.06km from Glärnisch

The Kunsthaus Glarus is a museum and exhibition center in Glarus, in the immediate vicinity of the train station in the Volksgarten. The museum's collection includes paintings and sculptures by Swiss artists from the late 19th and 20th centuries, as well as the collections of Othmar Huber, Gustav Schneeli, and Gustav Egger.

Wiggis8.51km from Glärnisch

The Wiggis is with a height of 2,282 meters and especially with its location close to the capital one of the most important mountains of the Swiss canton of Glarus . The summit pair Wiggis and Rautispitz is perceived by the valley as a coherent massif.  Trekking is possible here and also rock climbing too. The natural beauty of this area attracts a lot of tourists and you can spend some beautiful time here,

Where is Glärnisch

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The canton of Glarus, also canton of Glaris is a canton in east central Switzerland. The canton of Glarus is dominated by the deep valley of the Linth River and the smaller Sernftal on the east. Most of the area is mountainous.