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Sensler Museum

Kirchweg 2, 1712 Tafers, Switzerland


About Sensler Museum

The Sensler Museum is the cultural-historical museum of the Sense district in Tafers, Canton of Friborg, Switzerland. It collects and preserves cultural assets and supports contemporary cultural creation. The museum was opened in 1975 in the Sigristenhaus in the village center.  The building in which the Sensler Museum has housed dates from the 18th century. It was originally built as a schoolhouse.

Attractions near Sensler Museum

Pont de Berne3.84km from Sensler Museum

The Berne Bridge is a covered wooden bridge over the Sarine, located in the canton of Friborg, Switzerland.Built-in 1250, a century after the founding of the city, it is one of the oldest in Switzerland. Over the centuries, it has been regularly renovated, remaining today the last covered wooden bridge in Friborg. This bridge has been part of the 1995 inventory of the cultural property of national importance in the canton of Friborg.

Pont de Zaehringen3.95km from Sensler Museum

The Zaehringen bridge was built in 1924, replacing the Grand suspension bridge, which stood in the same place since 1834. It has a span of 273 meters It was the pride and joy of the people of Fribourg, and visitors from around the world flocked to see it. The bridge has also been discribe in books and painted by many artists and writers.

Viaduc de Grandfey3.96km from Sensler Museum

The Grandfey-Viaduct is on the railway line from Bern to Fribourg and is one of the largest bridges in Switzerland. The viaduct crosses the deep and wide Saane/Sarine valley, which is cut into Molasse rock, in the hamlet of Grandfey in Granges-Paccot, about three kilometres north of Fribourg station on the way to Düdingen. The viaduct crosses the language border between Romandy and German-speaking Switzerland.

Pont du Milieu4.04km from Sensler Museum

The Middle Bridge, called in German Mittlere Brücke, is a road bridge over the Sarine, located in the canton of Friborg, Switzerland. It is one of the three bridges in the Lower Town of Friborg. It is preceded upstream by that of the Saint-Jean bridge and followed downstream by that of Bern. This bridge has been a cultural property of national importance 3 at least since the 1995 inventory.

Poya Bridge4.11km from Sensler Museum

Poya Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge in Fribourg, Switzerland. The bridge is 851.6 meters in overall length with a 196 m main span over the Sarine River, which is the longest main span in Switzerland. The bridge was built to remove traffic from the Zaehringen Bridge and adjacent neighborhoods and upon opening, on 12 October 2014, the Zaehringen Bridge was closed to most motor vehicles.

St-Nicolas Cathedral4.25km from Sensler Museum

Fribourg Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Fribourg, Switzerland, built in the Gothic style, on a rocky outcrop 50 meters above the river Sarine, dominating the medieval town below. It is the episcopal seat of the Diocese of Lausanne, Geneva, and Fribourg. It is one of the notable architecture of the Gothic style.

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Fribourg is located in western Switzerland. The canton takes its name from its capital city of Fribourg. It is bounded to the west by Lake Neuchâtel, to the west and the south by the canton of Vaud, and to the east by the canton of Bern.