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Höllgrotten caves - Things to Know Before Visiting

Höllgrotten, 6340 Baar, Switzerland


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About Höllgrotten caves

The Höllgrotten is a group of stalactite caves in the Lorzentobel near Baar in the canton of Zug. The caves have small lakes, stalactites, stalagmites, and stagnates in various colors. They have been formed from calcareous springs over the course of millennia. Each cave has its own picture. In the root grotto in the upper part of the cave, encrusted tree roots can be seen.

Attractions Near Höllgrotten caves

Lorze0.69km from Höllgrotten caves

The Lorze is the main river of the Canton of Zug, Switzerland. It flows from Ägerisee through Lake Zug into the Reuss. One of the beautiful places to spend some leisure time and also a place that is blessed with natural beauty.

Kunsthaus Zug
Kunsthaus Zug3.71km from Höllgrotten caves

The Kunsthaus Zug has existed since 1990 in a complex from the 16th century, the “Hof Im Dorf”, on the edge of the old town of Zug in Switzerland. It shows the most important collection of Viennese Modernism outside of Austria. The house owes its collection of works of classical modernism with a focus on Vienna to the Kamm Collection Foundation. It was founded in 1998 by Christa, Peter, and Christine Kamm and has made the holdings available to the Kunsthaus Zug on permanent loan.

Zug Castle
Zug Castle3.74km from Höllgrotten caves

The museum in the Castle of Zug tells the history of the city and the canton of Zug. This entertaining museum with its picturesque courtyard and atmospheric interiors offers experience, education and enjoyment. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

Clocktower Zug
Clocktower Zug3.77km from Höllgrotten caves

This landmark of Zug is 52 metres high and rises above the other town towers. The lower part was constructed as a simple passageway through the town’s oldest circular wall. Hans Felder snr., from Bavaria, the master builder who built St. Oswald's Church, increased the tower height in 1478-1480.

Cantonal Museum of Prehistory (s)
Cantonal Museum of Prehistory (s)4.17km from Höllgrotten caves

The Museum of Prehistory, which displays archaeological finds from Canton Zug; the castle houses the Museum of Cultural History of the town and Canton Zug, and the Zug Art Gallery attracts visitors with its exhibitions. There are so many exhibitions which pave light to the history of Switzerland also it is a helpful one for children.

Johanna-Spyri-Museum5.14km from Höllgrotten caves

It is not only Heidi’s world, but also that of her creator that you get to know in Zürich’s Hirzel. This is where the little Johanna Louise Heusser went to school. Since 1981 the Johanna Spyri Museum has been located in the “Old School House”.

Where is Höllgrotten caves

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Canton of Zug
Canton of Zug
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The Canton of Zug is one of the smallest of the Swiss cantons in terms of area. The canton is located in central Switzerland and covers an area of 239 square kilometre