Widderalpstöck in Appenzell Innerrhoden, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Widderalpstöck, 9057 Schwende District, Switzerland

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About Widderalpstöck

The Widderalpstöck is a mountain group in the Alpstein massif in the Appenzell Alps. It consists of five peaks, three of which are listed. The main peak reaches a height of 2066 m above sea level. M. They are located in the Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden. Trekking and rock climbing is allowed here and also you can spend a nice time here.

Attractions near Widderalpstöck

Hundstein0.42km from Widderalpstöck

The Hundstein is a 2157 m above sea level. M. high mountain peaks in Alpsteinmassiv in the Appenzell Alps . It is located in the Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden . It is best known among climbers for its south face.

Marwees0.81km from Widderalpstöck

The Marwees is a mountain in the Alpstein massif of the Appenzell Alps, located south of Schwende in the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden. It lies on the range east of the Altmann, between the valleys of the Seealpsee and the Sämtisersee. The views from here is truly impressing and it is a nice ttrekking destination and you can spend some nice time withyour family here.

Fälensee0.86km from Widderalpstöck

The Fählensee is the third largest mountain lake in the canton of Appenzell. The Fälensee in winter, covered by ice and snow. The sun hardly likes this time of year. Rest area with a view. and also suitable for a swim.

Saxer Lücke1.56km from Widderalpstöck

The Saxer gap is a 1649  m above sea level. M. high pass crossing in Alpstein, in Switzerland between the cantons of St. Gallen and Appenzell Innerrhoden. It forms a north-south connection between the municipality of Sennwald, located in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley, and the Alpstein. The top of the pass is on the ridge between Hüser in the northeast and Chrüzberg in the southwest. The area around the Saxer Lücke is a popular hiking area. It is quite interesting and also adventurous. A lot of peo

Seealpsee1.64km from Widderalpstöck

Seealpsee is a lake in the Alpstein range of the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden, Switzerland. At an elevation of 1,143.2 m, the surface area is 13.6 hectares. The lake can be reached by foot from Wasserauen or from Ebenalp. A network of routes around Ebenalp connects Seealpsee with other notable sights in the Appenzell Alps, such as the Wildkirchli and Säntis.

Schäfler2.69km from Widderalpstöck

The Schäfler is a peak in the Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden with a height of 1925  m. It is a popular excursion destination in the Alpstein region and is located high above the Seealpsee in the northern Alpstein chain. The Berggasthaus Schäfler offers wonderful views and delicious food. It can be reached from the Ebenalp via a simple and well-developed mountain hiking trail.

Where is Widderalpstöck

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The canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden is the smallest canton of Switzerland by population and the second smallest by area. The Säntis peak in the Appenzell Alps is one of the main attractions of the canton.