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Salbitschijen - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Salbitschijen, 6487 Göschenen, Switzerland

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About Salbitschijen

Salbitschijen 2981 m is a granite peak belonging to the Urner Alps and overlooking Göschenental in the Swiss district of Uri, central Switzerland. This group is famous in reason of its compact and fine granite, which can stand comparison with M. Blanc. Although Salbitschjen is probably one of the most visited mountains by rock climbers in central Switzerland, it can hardly be seen from other peaks. It is surrounded by many higher and more impressive mountains like Dammastock, Fleckistoch, Susten

Attractions Near Salbitschijen

Fleckistock3.84km from Salbitschijen

The Fleckistock is a 3,417 metres high mountain in the Urner Alps, overlooking Wassen in the canton of Uri. It is the highest summit of the group lying east of the pass of Sustenjoch. This range, starting at the Stucklistock and ending at the Salbitschijen, separates the valleys of Voralp, above Göschenen and Meiental, above Wassen.

Schöllenen Gorge
Schöllenen Gorge4.99km from Salbitschijen

Schöllenen Gorge is a gorge formed by the upper Reuss in the Swiss canton of Uri between the towns of Göschenen to the north and Andermatt to the south. It provides access to the St Gotthard Pass.

Göscheneralpsee5.2km from Salbitschijen

The Göscheneralpsee is 1792 meters above sea level in the municipality of Göschenen in the canton of Uri. The lake has a maximum depth of 100 meters. The massive dam of the lake is considered to be the highest rock embankment in Switzerland. It is one of the picturesque locations in Uri and a lot of tourists have been attracted to this place.

Gotthard-Strassentunnel (Gotthard Base Tunnel)

The Gotthard Road Tunnel in Switzerland runs from Göschenen in the canton of Uri at its northern portal, to Airolo in Ticino to the south, and is 16.9 kilometers in length below the St Gotthard Pass, a major pass of the Alps. At the time of construction, in 1980, it was the longest road tunnel in the world. It is currently the ninth longest one.

Sustenhorn6.01km from Salbitschijen

Sustenhorn is one of the most frequently visited mountains between the Bernese Oberland and Central Switzerland, due to its altitude and superb view and due to its multiple access from three sides. It is one of the ideal locations for rock climbing and also for other adventure activities. The mountain is about 3502 meters high and the views from the top are truly astonishing.

Andermatt-Sedrun Sports AG
Andermatt-Sedrun Sports AG7.16km from Salbitschijen

The Andermatt-Sedrun Sports AG, a subsidiary of Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, operates the ski areas Gemsstock, Nätschen-Gütsch-Schneehüenerstock and Sedrun-Oberalp under the name SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun. With 120 kilometers of slopes, this is the largest ski area in Central Switzerland.

Where is Salbitschijen

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The canton of Uri is one of the 26 cantons of Switzerland and a founding member of the Swiss Confederation. It is located in Central Switzerland. The canton's territory covers the valley of the Reuss between the St. Gotthard Pass and Lake Lucerne.