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Tell Monument

Rathauspl., 6460 Altdorf, Switzerland


About Tell Monument

This monument was created by Richard Kissling between 1882 to 1895 in memory of the freedom fighter  Wilhelm Tell. It was made in bronze and It shows the Swiss national hero with his crossbow and accompanied by his son. At the base is the traditional date of Rütlischwur of 1307.

Attractions near Tell Monument

Schächen4.42km from Tell Monument

The Schächental is an alpine valley of Uri, Switzerland, formed by the river Schächen. The valley stretches to the east of Altdorf for some 10 km.  Situated in the Schächental are the municipalities of Bürglen, Spiringen and Unterschächen. The valley terminates in the Klausenpass, which connects to the Urner Boden, leading towards Glarus. A side valley, the Brunnital branches to the south of Unterschächen, extending for some 4 km. It terminates abruptly, in the steep northern slope of the Gross

Rophaien5.14km from Tell Monument

The Rophaien is a mountain of the Schwyzer Alps, overlooking Lake Lucerne in the canton of Uri. It lies west of the Rossstock, at the western end of the range north of the Schächental. The Rophaien lies directly above Lake Uri, the southernmost basin of Lake Lucerne. It is part of the Chaiserstockkette, an area popular with hikers, climbers, and ski tourers.

Gitschen5.26km from Tell Monument

The Gitschen is a beautiful mountain in the Uri Alps. It is a worthwhile destination, but only one for usual alpine hikers in the demanding area. At the summit, you will be rewarded with a dream view. The deep view is unique, with a lot of air under your feet and 2000 meters of the abyss.

Spilauersee5.97km from Tell Monument

Spilauersee is a lake in the Canton of Uri, Switzerland, below Rossstock. The lake can be reached by foot in half an hour from the Chäppeliberg–Lidernen cable car. The Spilauisee is simply impressive in a cauldron that reflects the landscape in the lake in calm weather.

Alplersee6.03km from Tell Monument

The mountain lake in the Alplen area is at an altitude of 1507 meters above sea level. Nothing is known about the inflows and outflows of the Alplersee, but the lake is located in the vicinity of the Riemenstaldnerbach. The Bergseelein is about 220m long and 150m wide.

Tellskapelle6.16km from Tell Monument

At Tellsplatte, 3 kilometers south of Sisikon, the place where, according to the legend, William Tell jumped overboard during a storm, when transferred by boat to the bailiff Gessler's jail. An easy walk in a beautiful landscape to Tell's Chapel, with nearby the biggest glockenspiel in Switzerland

Where is Tell Monument

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The canton of Uri is one of the 26 cantons of Switzerland and a founding member of the Swiss Confederation. It is located in Central Switzerland. The canton's territory covers the valley of the Reuss between the St. Gotthard Pass and Lake Lucerne.