Naturhistorisches Museum Bern in Canton of Bern, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Naturhistorisches Museum Bern

Bernastrasse 15, 3005 Bern, Switzerland


About Naturhistorisches Museum Bern

The Natural History Museum of Bern was officially founded in 1832. The museum has 5100 square meters of exhibition space and an international reputation founded initially on its historical dioramas. The Naturhistorisches Museum Bern is also a place of research conducted by the 22 scientists responsible for the collections and functions as a venue for cultural events.

Attractions near Naturhistorisches Museum Bern

Bernisches Historisches Museum / Einstein Museum0.11km from Naturhistorisches Museum Bern

The Bernisches Historisches Museum in Bern is one of the most important Museums of cultural history in Switzerland. The museum is housed in a Gothic-revival castle with a contemporary style. Its collections of history, archaeology, and ethnography include approximately 500,000 objects dating from the Stone Age to the present and representing cultures from all over the world.

Alpine Museum of Switzerland0.21km from Naturhistorisches Museum Bern

The Swiss Alpine Museum is a museum dedicated to the nature and culture of the Swiss Alps. It is located at Helvetiaplatz 4 in Bern. was founded in 1905 by the Bernese section of the Swiss Alpine Club in the Rathaus Zum Äusseren Stand on Zeughausgasse. It displays exhibits concerning the geology, tectonics, glaciology, meteorology, flora, fauna, cartography, agriculture, folklore, settlement, alpinism, tourism, winter sports, endangerment, and protection of or in the Alps.

Kunsthalle Bern0.24km from Naturhistorisches Museum Bern

The private Kunsthalle Bern Foundation was established in 1988 by collectors of contemporary art. The gallery itself is split over 2 levels and houses some pretty quirky modern art, both exhibitions are so interesting.

Münsterplatz0.57km from Naturhistorisches Museum Bern

The Münsterplatz is a plaza in the Old City of Bern, the medieval city center of Bern, Switzerland. It is part of the Zähringerstadt which was built during the foundation of the old city in 1191. It is located in front of the Cathedral and it is part of the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site that encompasses the Old City.

The Cathedral of Bern0.6km from Naturhistorisches Museum Bern

The Bernese Minster has the highest church spire in all of Switzerland and is one of the most important landmarks of the capital. The Gothic sandstone building sits above the rooftops of the Old City, and the silhouette of its spire, over 100 meters high, is a key feature of Bern’s distinctive skyline.

Mosesbrunnen0.6km from Naturhistorisches Museum Bern

The Mosesbrunnen is a fountain in the Old City of Bern. It is a Swiss Cultural Property of National Significance and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old City of Bern which dates from 1544.

Where is Naturhistorisches Museum Bern

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The canton of Bern or Berne is the second-largest of the 26 Swiss cantons by both surface area and population. Located in west-central Switzerland. One of the beautiful cantons in Switzerland which was blessed with natural beauty and also historical memes.