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Greifensee - Things to Know Before Visiting

Greifensee, Switzerland

Lake/ River/ Ponds
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About Greifensee

The nature reserve around the Greifensee lake is a paradise for all those who like to be out and about in the fresh air. It was a beautiful experience for cyclists, hikers, and also for families. There are also so many picnic areas and bathing points on the way.

Attractions Near Greifensee

Loorenkopf6.07km from Greifensee

Loorenkopf tower is a 33 m high freestanding wood lattice tower on Adlisberg, north of Witikon in Zürich which was built in 1954. The views from the tower are truly mesmerizing and it gives a wonderful experience of natural beauty.

Adlisberg6.43km from Greifensee

A beautiful wooded mountain which was located in the heart of Zurich. Its highest point is about 200 metres above the Lake Zürich. The mountain range is part of a chain of hills — among them Käferberg, Forch, and Pfannenstiel — between Greifensee and Lake Zürich.

FIFA headquarters
FIFA headquarters8.08km from Greifensee

The headquarters of FIFA is a distinctive complex in Zürich. The complex has served as the official headquarters of FIFA since its completion in 2006. It is located on the Zürichberg, a wooded hill in District 7. As well as offices, the complex includes a fitness center, a meditation room, geographically themed parks, and a full-size international football pitch.

Zürich Tram Museum
Zürich Tram Museum8.2km from Greifensee

The Zurich Tram Museum offers a great rainy day activity for kids. The museum is essentially a large garage bay that holds several historical models of Zurich’s trams. As soon as you enter the museum, your child is given a ticket that they can validate in a machine. Then you can make your rounds getting in and looking at all the old Zurich trams.

Zoo Zürich
Zoo Zürich8.22km from Greifensee

One of the best zoo in Europe and it has a collection of 2,200 specimens of 300 species by its seventy-fifth year. The zoo is located in the heart of Zurich and is easily accessible from all parts of Switzerland. There are also so many events taking place where all the animals are performing.

Pfannenstiel8.28km from Greifensee

Pfannenstiel is a wooded mountain respectively a region overlooking the Lake Zürich and Zürcher Oberland in the canton of Zürich in Switzerland. Pfannenstiel is a picturesque area, and the upper side of the mountain houses four restaurants overlooking Lake Zürich, Etzel, Zimmerberg, Albis, Uetliberg to the south and to the west, and Greifensee, Glattal, Bachtel, and Zürcher Oberland to the north and east.

Where is Greifensee

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Most populated area of Switzerland. Zurich is among the world's largest financial centers despite having a relatively small population. Zurich city is home to many financial institutions and banking companies.