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The Telemark Canal - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

3724 Skien, Norway

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About The Telemark Canal

The Telemark Canal was hewn out of the rocks by hand well over 100 years ago, and when completed in 1892. Europeans described it as the "eighth wonder of the world". 500 men had worked for five years to dynamite their way through the rocks. The Canal consists of eight locks with a total of 18 lock chambers, and a difference in height of 72 metres.

Attractions Near The Telemark Canal

Skien Church
Skien Church0.64km from The Telemark Canal

Skien church was completed in 1894 after the great town fire. It's build in the Gothic Revival style and the interior of the church is characterized by beautiful stained glass windows and glazed stone. The church has one of the largest and best organs in Norway with 5200 pipes and 70 votes.

Telemark Museum
Telemark Museum0.66km from The Telemark Canal

Telemark Museum is a consolidated museum that included a number of museums within the Telemark area. It was founded in 1909 from a base at the Søndre Brekke farm. The farm is surrounded by Brekkeparken, a 36-acre park. The main attraction, aside from seasonal exhibits in the main halls of the farmhouse, is the outdoor museum. Several older houses and farms from the former county of Telemark have been moved from their original location and rebuilt on-site in the park.

Norsjø8.71km from The Telemark Canal

Norsjø is a lake in the municipalities of Skien, Nome, and Sauherad in Vestfold og Telemark county, Norway. It is 55 km² in the area and 15 meters above sea level. Norsjø is part of the Telemark Canal. Most rivers in Telemark meet Norsjø on their way before ending up in the Skien river or Porsgrunn river. Norsjø is a source of drinking water for the Skien municipality.

Lighthouse Langesund
Lighthouse Langesund25.18km from The Telemark Canal

Langøytangen Lighthouse is a fully automated coastal lighthouse situated on the island of Langøya in Langesund in the municipality of Bamble, Norway. It marks the southern point of the Langesund sound. It is available for rental for overnight guests.

Mølen28.36km from The Telemark Canal

Mølen is the name of the fantastic coastline between Helgeroa and Nevlunghavn. Here you will find spectacular burial mounds, exciting boulder landscapes, the country's largest pebble beach, and a fantastic hiking area with, among other things, the coastal path that winds through the entire area.

Fredriksvern33.91km from The Telemark Canal

Fredriksvern shipyard in Stavern is one of the best-preserved military installations from the Baroque period in Denmark-Norway. The area is protected. This was the first military facility in Stavern. About 10 years later, the military blockhouse was continued in the form of a fortified fort. The fort received a permanent garrison of 13 men and its own commander in 1689.

Where is The Telemark Canal

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Vestfold og Telemark
Vestfold og Telemark
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Vestfold of Telemark is a southernmost county in Eastern Norway, known for its vast forests, valleys, skiing, and rural churches.