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Tarva, Ørland, Norway


About Tarva

The Tarva islands are an archipelago in the municipality of Ørland in Trøndelag county, Norway. The largest and only populated island is Husøya and the other larger islands are Været and Karlsøya. There are also many smaller surrounding islets and skerries. The islands are located about 8 kilometers west of the village of Nes on the mainland in Bjugn. Tarva is connected to the mainland via the Dybfest–Tarva Ferry.

Attractions near Tarva

Kjeungskjær Lighthouse9.89km from Tarva

Kjeungskjær lighthouse is the only octagonal lighthouse in Norway.   The lighthouse was established in 1880, and from 1880 to 1947 the lighthouse was manned by a lighthouse keeper and his family. In 1987 the lighthouse was automated. At the end of the 1990s, the lighthouse was protected.

Austrått Fort18.17km from Tarva

Austrått Fort is a massive fortification with a five-storey cannon tower. The fortress was built by the occupying German forces during World War 2, and the battery was originally on board the battleship Gneisenau.

Austråttborgen19.29km from Tarva

Austrått is one of the oldest manors in Norway, dating from as early as the Viking Period. The fief holder (later the Earl), Finn Arnesson, lived there for several years during the 11th century. Finn was the father-in-law of Malcolm Canmore, King of Scots.  TI is now one of the tourist attraction in this area.

Bymarka58.84km from Tarva

Bymarka is located on the west side of Trondheim, Trøndelag, Norway and is popular for both winter and summer activities such as cross country skiing and hiking. This large park and nature reserve on the west side of the city of Trondheim in Trøndelag county, Norway.

Gråkallen59.85km from Tarva

Gråkallen is a mountain in the Bymarka area in the municipality of Trondheim in Trøndelag county, Norway. The 552-meter tall mountain is located in the Byåsen part of the city of Trondheim.  The summit is covered by an abandoned fenced military installation.

Munkholmen61.52km from Tarva

Munkholmen is an island in the Trondheim Harbour area, approximately 2 kilometres from the town centre. The island was originally named Nidarholm. During the Viking Age, this was a place where public executions were held. Munkholmen is also where Olav Tryggvason put Kark's and Håkon Earl's heads on poles, after battling for kingdom and Christianity in the year of 995.

Where is Tarva

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Trøndelag is one of the most fertile regions of Norway, with large agricultural output. Trøndelag is home to great valleys, major rivers famous for salmon fisheries, and a few major islands as well as thousands of smaller islands.