Steinvikholm castle in Trøndelag, Norway - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Steinvikholm castle

Steinvikholmen,, 7510 Skatval, Norway

Iconic Buildings

About Steinvikholm castle

The grandest building in Norwegian medieval history. The Steinvikholm Castle was completed in 1532.  The  Castle was the center of one of the most important events in Nordic history - the Danish takeover of power and reformation from Catholic to Protestant.

Attractions near Steinvikholm castle

Nerskogen Chapel6.13km from Steinvikholm castle

Nerskogen Chapel is a parish church in Rennebu municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway. It is located in the rural mountain village of Nerskogen. It is an annex church for the Rennebu parish which is part of the Gauldal prosti in the Diocese of Nidaros. The red, wooden church was built in a long church style in 1962 by the architect John Egil Tverdahl. It was consecrated on 2 September 1962 by Bishop Tord Godal. The church seats about 110 people and it has about 13 services per year.

The Falstad Centre19.93km from Steinvikholm castle

The Falstadsenteret in Levanger is a museum, war memorial, and human rights center.In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions, there is a huge collection of photos from WW II and the initial period after the liberation.

Hegra Fortress20.17km from Steinvikholm castle

Hegra Fortress is a small mountain fortress in the village of Hegra in the municipality of Stjørdal in Trøndelag county, Norway. Originally known as Ingstadkleiven Fort, it was built between 1908–1910 as a border fort as a defense against the perceived threat of a Swedish invasion.

Ringve Music Museum20.77km from Steinvikholm castle

Ringve is a specialized museum dedicated to music and musical instruments. During the summer season, all visitors are invited to a guided tour with Ringve's talented guides demonstrating historical instruments from the music history. The historical interiors of the main building provide a backdrop and add to this unique experience.

Brattøra22.26km from Steinvikholm castle

A beautiful island in the heart of  Trondheim. The island is connected to the western parts of Trondheim by the Skansen Tunnel which was completed in 2010.  most of the island is used by Trondheim Central Station and Trondheim Port.

Nidelva22.72km from Steinvikholm castle

Nidelva is a river in Trondheim Municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway. The name of the 30-kilometer long river translates to "the River Nid" since the suffix Elva or elven is the Norwegian word for "river". It starts at the Hyttfossen waterfall which rises from Bjørsjøen.

Where is Steinvikholm castle

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Trøndelag is one of the most fertile regions of Norway, with large agricultural output. Trøndelag is home to great valleys, major rivers famous for salmon fisheries, and a few major islands as well as thousands of smaller islands.