Attractions to explore nearby Norwegian Railway Museum - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Norwegian Railway Museum

Norwegian Railway MuseumStrandvegen 161, 2316 Hamar, Norway

The Norwegian Railway Museum is located at Hamar in  Innlandet county, Norway. It is Norway's national railway museum and is operated by the Norwegian National Rail Administration. Norway's shortest railway line is just a few hundred meters long, and a trip on the pellets-fired steam train is a highlight for many visitors.

Domkirkeodden1.04 KMs away from Norwegian Railway Museum

One of Norway's largest medieval museums paves light into the history from the Viking era, through the Middle Ages and up until today. The glass structure covering the cathedral ruins is the main attraction,and from here we can know about the story of how the church was destroyed. They also get to experience the fantastic acoustics as the guides show off their singing skills.

Cathedral Ruins in Hamar1.11 KMs away from Norwegian Railway Museum

Hamar cathedral is the seat of the Diocese of Hamar, part of the Lutheran Church of Norway. This huge church is built in 1866 and it's interior is characterized by an elevated nave, inspired by the basilica structure. The windows are decorated with fabric-like paintings, possibly based on medieval tapestries.  The central feature of the interior is the altar, which is possibly the most unusual feature of the cathedral. Henrik Sørensen's depiction of the resurrected Jesus Christ was inspired by a

Hamar Cathedral2.25 KMs away from Norwegian Railway Museum

The ruins of the old Hamar Cathedral are situated on the Domkirkeodden promontory. This is a place which paves light to the medieval Hamar by listening to the beautiful song at the cathedral ruins or by tasting the monks' herbal drink made from medieval herbs from our own garden. We can also tailor your event to meet your wishes.