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OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH - Things to Know Before Visiting

Hafenstraße 11, 18439 Stralsund, Germany


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About OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH

It is an aquarium in Stralsund, Germany, and is one of Europe's biggest. The aquarium is located at the historical harbor on the Baltic coast and opened in mid 2008. You can see the sea life of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea here.

Attractions Near OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH

Gorch Fock I
Gorch Fock I0.14km from OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH

Gorch Fock I is a German barque with three masts, the first of a series built-in 1933. It has five sister ships and was taken as war reparations by the Soviet Union after World War II and renamed Tovarishch; then, it sailed under Ukraine before being transferred to Stralsund in 2003. It is currently a museum ship.

St. Nicholas' Church, Stralsund
St. Nicholas' Church, Stralsund0.39km from OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH

The church is the oldest of the three major parish churches in Stralsund in Germany and dedicated in 1279 to St. Nicholas of Myra, the patron saint of sailors. It is an Evangelical Lutheran church since 1524. The wealth of the city of Stralsund was reflected in the very large number of altars in the church. There were no less than 56 altars in the chancel, nave, and between the buttresses of the aisles. The bulk of the altars were removed from the church after the Bildersturm of 1525.

Stralsund Museum of Cultural History
Stralsund Museum of Cultural History0.68km from OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH

Stralsund Museum of Cultural History, established in 1859 and located in Stralsund, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It houses permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions on various subjects and houses extensive collections of folklore and cultural and art history in the region of Vorpommern. It is the oldest museum of its kind in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Treetop walk in Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen
Treetop walk in Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen32.64km from OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH

With a total length of 1,250 meters and a height of 4 - 17 meters, the Treetop Walk is located in the pristine beech forest. The walk and observation tower designed to be accessible and family-friendly, and is through numerous learning and activity stations.

Granitz Hunting Lodge
Granitz Hunting Lodge35.12km from OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH

Granitz Hunting Lodge is located on Rügen Island near Binz's seaside resort. With over 200,000 visitors a year, it is the most famous castle in the state. The lodge lies in the middle of the forested Granitz ridge, built on the highest hill in East Rügen, 107 m above sea level. From the observation platform, 145 metres above sea level, on the roof of the tower, there is a panoramic view in all directions, especially over the south and east of Rügen.

Sellin Pier
Sellin Pier39.82km from OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH

Called Seebrücke Sellin in German, a dock located in the Baltic seaside resort of Sellin, Rügen Island, Germany. The dock has a restaurant near the beach above the water and has a diving gondola.

Where is OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH

Discover More Attractions in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Where OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH Is Located


Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is located on the north coastline of Germany and has 1.94% of Germany's population. Its capital is Schwerin, and Rostock is the largest city. The big cities in the state include Stralsund, Wismar, Neubrandenburg, Greifswald, and Güstrow. The state was established in 1945 by the merger of Prussian Western Pomerania and Mecklenburg.