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Wurmberg Gondola Lift - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Am Amtsweg 5, 38700 Braunlage, Germany

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About Wurmberg Gondola Lift

Wurmberg Gondola Lift is the longest in Northern Germany, with a vertical height of 1,312 feet (400 m) and a length of 2.7 km. It starts from the Braunlage tourist resort to the top of the 3,185 feet (971 m) high Wurmberg mountain.

Attractions Near Wurmberg Gondola Lift

Wurmberg2.83km from Wurmberg Gondola Lift

At 971 m above sea level, the Wurmberg is the second highest mountain in the Harz and the highest in Lower Saxony. Its summit is located due south of the Brocken and roughly 400 m south of the state border with Saxony-Anhalt. The two mountains are separated by the valley of the Kalte Bode, which in this area is about 660 m above NN.

Achtermannshöhe4.42km from Wurmberg Gondola Lift

The Achtermannshöhe in the Harz National Park is about 925 m above sea level is the third highest mountain in Lower Saxony. It is located near Königskrug and belongs to the non-parish Harz region of the Goslar district. One of the nice trekking destination and also a picturesque spot which gives a wide panoramic view of this area.

Brocken7.52km from Wurmberg Gondola Lift

One of the highest peak of the Harz mountain range and also the highest peak of Northern Germany with an elevation of 1,141 metres. This mountain has always played a role in legends and has been connected with witches and devils. Today it is part of the Harz National Park and hosts a historic botanical garden of about 1,600 alpine mountain plants. One of the beautiful locations in this area which was blessed with natural beauty.

Harz National Park
Harz National Park8.16km from Wurmberg Gondola Lift

Harz National Park is a nature reserve, and one of the largest of its kind in Germany. The place has an area of 247 km2, 95% of the area covered with forest trees. The park is popular for hiking and ice skating. The park is registered in the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Baumannshöhle - Rübeländer caves
Baumannshöhle - Rübeländer caves16.08km from Wurmberg Gondola Lift

The Baumannshöhle is the oldest show cave in Germany. The cavity was formed in Devon - lime of the Elbingeröder complex in conjunction with the formation of the Bode valley in the region of arbor specified disorders. The cave has been visited by man since the Stone Age. One of the wonderful formations of nature which shows wonders.

Hermannshöhle - Rübeländer caves
Hermannshöhle - Rübeländer caves16.12km from Wurmberg Gondola Lift

It is one of the two show caves in the village of Rübeland near the town of Wernigerode, in the district of Harz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. it impresses not only with the multitude of unique stalactite formations but also with its huge cavities up to 50 meters high. Special highlights in the Hermannshöhle are the Olmensee, in which Germany's only grotto olms live, and the sparkling crystal chamber.

Where is Wurmberg Gondola Lift

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It is the second-largest state by land area, with 47,624 km2 (18,388 sq mi), and fourth-largest in population (7.9 million) among the 16 states of Germany. Most of the state's territory was part of the historic Kingdom of Hanover. Agriculture, strongly towards the livestock sector, has always been a very important economic factor in the state.