Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen

Dornberger Str. 149A, 33619 Bielefeld, Germany

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About Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen

This park has existed since 1930 and it not only has animals but also hiking and biking nature trails. It has many Mammals and Birds like alpine ibexes, nutrias, owls and common ravens.

Attractions near Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen

Osnabrück Zoo38.9km from Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen

Osnabrück Zoo has an area of (23.5 ha). Opened in 1936, the zoo houses over 3000 animals from 300 species, it is also a home for the rare hybrid Grolar Bear. The zoo attracts over million visitors annually, Located in Klaus-Strick, Osnabrück, Germany.

St. Paulus-Dom60.19km from Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen

It also called St. Paulus-Dom, the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Münster in Germany. It was constructed in 1225 and counted among the most important church buildings in Münstern.

Aasee Lake62.27km from Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen

It is a 40.2-hectare lake located in Münster with a length of 2.3 km. The lake is surrounded by a huge green space, making it the largest recreational area in the city of Munster.

Hochheideturm82.77km from Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen

Hochheideturm is a 59-metre-high (194 ft) observation tower located in Ettelsberg. The northwest side of the building is the tallest artificial climbing wall of Europe with a height of 41 meters.

Marienburg Castle88.17km from Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen

Marienburg Castle was built between the years of 1858 and 1867 in the Gothic style, located in Pattensen, Hannover, Germany. The castle was the summer residence for the House of Guelph. The castle houses a museum and restaurant, and visitors can take an exploration tour of the palace.

Herrenhausen Gardens91.23km from Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen

Herrenhausen Gardens are one of the most beautiful places in Germany. It was constructed in 1638, it is three gardens built in Baroque style, houses many rare plants and trees. The fountain in the park rises to 80 meters height. The park provides a combination of history and beauty.

Where is Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen

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North Rhine-Westphalia is the most populated state in the country, with 17,912,134 people representing 21.5% of the population. It is located in western Germany, covering an area of 34,084 km, which makes it the fourth largest state out of 16 states in Germany.