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Baw Gyo Pagoda - Things to Know Before Visiting

အမှတ် (၃) အဝေးပြေးလမ်းမ, Hsipaw, Myanmar (Burma)

Buddhist Temples

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About Baw Gyo Pagoda

A beautiful 12th century buddhist pagoda which was located in Hsipaw, Myanmar. The temple is famous for its festival that commemorates the pagoda's founding on every march.

Attractions Near Baw Gyo Pagoda

Goteik viaduct
Goteik viaduct47.1km from Baw Gyo Pagoda

One of Burma’s most stunning man-made marvels built by the colonial British, Gokteik Viaduct is a spectacular railway bridge over 100 meters above the ground and nearly 700 meters long. Constructed by British colonialists in 1901, Gokteik was once the longest railway trestle in the world. Located near Nawnghkio. The bridge was fabricated by Pennsylvania Steel Co. It was one of the key attractions in Shan.

National Kandawgyi Gardens
National Kandawgyi Gardens102.39km from Baw Gyo Pagoda

The National Kandawgyi Botanical Gardens is a 177-hectare botanical garden located in the Alpine town of Pyin U Lwin, Burma, situated at an elevation of 1000 metres and 69 km by road from Mandalay. The current official name is National Kandawgyi Garden. It was one of the key attraction in this area and a lot of tourists visits this place every year.

Mandalay Hill
Mandalay Hill131.98km from Baw Gyo Pagoda

Mandalay Hill which towers above the city and the flat plain below. Virtually all visitors and pilgrims to Mandalay either climb the 1,729 steps of the covered southern stairway with its magnificent guardian chinthe at the entry, use stairways on the other sides or use easier means and take the escalator, cars or buses to the top. From its top, and from several way-stations along the ascent, one has a magnificent panorama of the city, the old Royal Palace and Fortress, as well as the Ayeyarwady

Kuthodaw Pagoda
Kuthodaw Pagoda132.07km from Baw Gyo Pagoda

Kuthodaw Pagoda is a Buddhist stupa, located at the foot of Mandalay Hill in Mandalay, Myanmar. It was built during the reign of King Mindon Min who had the pagoda built as part of the traditional foundations of the new royal city of Mandalay in 1857. Kuthodaw and Sandamuni Pagodas are home to the world’s largest books, consisting of hundreds of inscribed standing stone pages.

Shwenandaw Monastery
Shwenandaw Monastery132.22km from Baw Gyo Pagoda

Shwenandaw Monastery is a historic Buddhist monastery located near Mandalay Hill, Mandalay Region, Myanmar. It was built in 1878 by King Thibaw Min. The monastery is known for its teak carvings of Buddhist myths, which adorn its walls and roofs. The monastery is built in the traditional Burmese architectural style. Shwenandaw Monastery is the single remaining major original structure of the original Royal Palace today.

Sanda Muni pagoda
Sanda Muni pagoda132.43km from Baw Gyo Pagoda

The Sandamuni pagoda in Mandalay is known for its large golden zedi, its hundreds of shrines containing inscribed marble slabs and the largest iron Buddha image in Burma, the Sandamani, after which it is named. The pagoda was built as a memorial to crown Prince Kanaung, who was murdered in 1866 by two of King Mindon Min’s sons, who were unhappy not to be the first in line to become the next King. The bodies of the crown Prince and three of his sons who were also killed were entombed on the Sanda

Where is Baw Gyo Pagoda

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The state gets its name from Burmese name for the Tai people: "Shan people".