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5 Attractions to Explore Near Shitthaung Paya

Shitthaung Paya
Shitthaung PayaMrauk-U, Myanmar (Burma)

The Shaitthaung Temple also spelled Shitthaung according to Standard Burmese pronunciation, which is a famous temple in Mrauk U. The name means 'Temple of 80,000 Buddha Images', and is also known as the 'Temple of Victory'. The temple was built in 1535–1536 by King Min Bin to commemorate his conquest of Bengal.

Nearby Attractions

Andaw Thein Temple
Andaw Thein Temple0.10 KMs away from Shitthaung Paya

Andaw Thein Temple first became famous as a reliquary for one of the Buddha's teeth, which historians believe may have originally come from Sri Lanka. The name literally translates to “tooth shrine,” and tours of Mrauk U stop here to appreciate the distinctive pagodas, very much unlike what you’ll see in other parts of Myanmar.

Htukkant Thein Temple
Htukkant Thein Temple0.15 KMs away from Shitthaung Paya

Htukkanthein Temple is one of the most famous temples in the ancient Arakanese city of Mrauk U, in Rakhine State, Western Myanmar. The name means “Cross-Beam Ordination Hall“. Like most of Mrauk U’s Buddhist temples, it is designed as a dual purpose ‘fortress-temple’. Although it is a ‘thein’, it is one of the most militaristic buildings in Mrauk U, built on raised ground, with a single entrance and small windows. This temple might have been employed as a refuge for the Buddhist religious order

Ratanabon Pagoda
Ratanabon Pagoda0.15 KMs away from Shitthaung Paya

A huge Buddhist stupa which was located in the heart of Rakhine and was built in 1612 by King Min Khamaung and his wife. it is said to have jewels and images enshrined in the central stupa, but none have ever been found. By all these features this place is important in this region.

Lay Myet Hna Temple
Lay Myet Hna Temple0.27 KMs away from Shitthaung Paya

Le-myet-hna is a temple in Mrauk U located at the northwest corner of the Shite-thaung Temple. It has four entrances, one to each cardinal point and eight seated Buddhas round a central column. It was built by King Min Saw Mon in 1430 AD. Temple was entirely constructed with black sand stones.

Koe Thaung Pagoda
Koe Thaung Pagoda1.85 KMs away from Shitthaung Paya

Located on a plain a few kilometers East of the Royal Palace is the Koe-Thaung temple, the largest structure in Mrauk U. The massive monument, built of stone walls and stone terraces measures 76 meters by 70 meters. Resembling a fortress with its thick stone walls the temple is surrounded by fields of farmers.