Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine) in Mon State, Myanmar - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine)

Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine), Myanmar (Burma)


About Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine)

The longest bridge in Myanmar which connects the city of Mawlamyaing with Mottama constructed across the confluence point of the Thanlwin River, the Gyaing River and the Attayan River in Mon State. It is one of the architectural wonders in this area.

Attractions near Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine)

Kyeik Tha Lan Pagoda2.64km from Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine)

The Kyaik-thanlan pagoda was erected in 875 A.D. during the reign of King Mutpi Raja. A hair relic of the Buddha, Tripitaka manuscripts and gold images of the Buddha were enshrined in the pagoda. Successive kings raised the pagoda higher from 56 feet to the present 150 feet. There are 34 small pagodas called Zediyan surrounding the pagoda. It is now one of the key attractions in this area.

Mon Cultural Museum3.37km from Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine)

This is a two-story building dedicated to the Mon history of the region. The exhibits are displayed downstairs while reading rooms are upstairs. The modest collection of the museum includes scales with Mon inscriptions, hundred-year-old sculptures of wood, ceramics, thanaka grinding stones, silver betel boxes. In front of the museum, you can see a British cannon dated 1826 and a huge Myanmar gong. Most labels are in Myanmar on although some are in English.

U Zina Pagoda4.38km from Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine)

A beautiful Buddhist pagoda located at the top of a hill at the heart of Bago.  it was named after the mythological Hintha bird, a symbol of the Mon people. It was also a popular viewpoint and there are so many paintings and carvings of the Hamsa that are visible throughout the temple.

ဆဒၵန္ဂူ Sadan Cave Kayin27.62km from Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine)

Cave with a deep cavern with golden pagodas and statues of the Buddha, and a lake in one end.

Kan Gyi Pagoda31.79km from Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine)

A beautiful Buddhist pagoda which was located in the hill west of the vast lake east of Mudon. There are so many interesting things in and around this temple and daily a lot of devotees visit this place. It was built to enshrine a Buddha's hair relic granted by Buddha as he and five hundred arahantas were going on sojourn this way on completion of eight vasas to a hermit named  Maung staying there.

Mount Zwegabin35.21km from Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine)

Mt Zwegabin, about 7 miles south of town, which as well as being a respectable 2372ft, is also home to spirits and saintly souls. The two-hour hike to the summit is demanding – up to many steps and with aggressive monkeys as constant adversaries – but once at the top, the rewards are plentiful. It is one of the beautiful locations in Myanmar and a lot of tourists visit this place every year.

Where is Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine)

Discover more attractions in Mon State, where Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine) is located

Mon State7 attractions

Mon State is blessed with several places of tourist interest. There are several pagodas, out of which the Win Sein Taw Ya Pagoda is a remarkable place where we can see the world's largest reclining Buddha statue.